Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Making Friends with Ourselves as We Already Are - Psychology Today

We are one in a multitude of fragments. When we recognize the diversity within ourselves, we become fascinated with who we are. Friendship is about unconditional love, compassion, integrity, honesty...everything we want, we already are.

An incredible woman I know and love, Paula Klee Parish, wrote a wonderful little book called "The Journey to Be Your Own Best Friend."

Her overall message says, "Listen and feel the power within. It is your guide to higher ground. Your dearest friend."

This article I found also touches on some thoughtful points:

Making Friends with Ourselves as We Already Are - Psychology Today (blog) via meditation - Google News on 10/4/09

Psychology Today (blog)

Making Friends with Ourselves as We Already Are
Psychology Today (blog)
Most of us enter therapy or begin a mindfulness meditation practice because we believe that we need to be different, better, more of something, ...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Meditation on Jack Kornfield's, The Wise Heart

Why do we fear letting go of pain, our grievances, our stolen innocence? Being vulnerable is not a weakness; it takes courage and faith to open our hearts. As we release what has crushed our spirit, we breathe life into it once again. This meditation on Jack Kornfield's The Wise Heart gives hope to humanities healing heart. May we be the catalyst to the peace that is our only truth.

In loving light,

Albert Camus said, "We all carry within us our places of exile; our crimes, our ravages. Our task is not to unleash them on the world; it is to transform them in ourselves and others."

Open your mind and heart
Ask why you are stuck in this place
Be brave, name the fear
Name the resistance.
Understand what it is, then
Step back, allow it the space it needs.

Little by little, feel it soften and dissolve.
Be courageous, greet your emotions
Each by name. Again
Step back, allow each the space
It requires to do what it will;
To expand, to intensify, or dissolve
To rise and fall again, and again.


Tears flow, honor them.
Pain comes in  waves,
Fear and resistance reappear
Swirling one into another, be brave.
Listen to your stories of sorrow and shame.
Hold them gently.
Hold your fragile self gently.

Be open to the waves, the tears.
Acknowledge your confusion and the grief.
Be fearless, do not lose your way.
Let go, accept your life,
Understand it is what it is.
Respect the history that is you.
Make peace with your life.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Seeing Yourself in Their Light - New York Times

Meditation, yoga, spiritual awareness, transformation, are all the rage! Well, society may see it as a trend anyway. But evolution is no trend. It is natural unfolding of consciousness. The Flowering of Consciousness, as Eckhart Tolle would say. Whatever society calls it is of little meaning. It is what it is.

The following article published by the New York Times--"Seeing Yourself In Their Light"--gives you a moment to see the possibilities. The shift comes when you recognize that everything you ever need is already within you.

It's a two page article so be ready to grab a cup of tea before you get started...

Seeing Yourself in Their Light
New York Times
Last Tuesday at noon, Ms. Bernstein, 29, was perched on a meditation blanket in a yoga studio on West 13th Street, easing into 45 minutes of silent ...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When the show is over, only love remains

Today, one of my favorite Tweeps in light posted the following poignant statement:

"We live in interactive, psychological labyrinths, staged on form and process. Set it all aside, only love remains." ~Joseph Pagen

It got me to thinking...

Life is like a Broadway show. What character do we play today? Villon or hero? Friend or foe? Victim or healer? Husband, wife, worker, parent, child, teacher, student? The casting call is endless.

We get up every morning and immediately the director in our head--our subconscious mind--yells,  "Action!" Without another thought, we obediently get into character.

Like in the movie, Ground Hog Day, our lives become a repeated drama.

Consumed as stars of our own show, we release all moment by moment decisions to the producer--the ego--and simply perform as the writers--society--has written in the script. Sure there are some standing ovations and elated encores, but often performances bomb and there are poor reviews. 

Nevertheless, the show must go on!

Actually, if you look real close, many are only stand-ins. Sure, it looks like them, it sounds like them, but if you look into their eyes you can see they are not there. Clueless to the perpetual retake, they blankly move through each scene of their life as if it were a new show.

People are either performing, crashing in between curtain calls or rehearsing the same scene over and over again. Co-actors may change, the scenery may change, but the lead actor remains the same.

"Hello, can't you see it's an illusion."

Yes, different performance, but essentially, it is the same production.

What I like about the message in the Ground Hog Day movie was that Bill Murry, the lead actor, recognized that he was reliving the same day over and over again. With that awareness, he made the best of each day by exploring new territories; new parts of himself. While everything else seemed to remain the same, he began to change who he was. His asserted effort changed his reality. In the end, the real next day came, but this time, he was a new man, ready to embrace every day with a whole new outlook.

To be a successful actor, one must give it all from the heart. There must be passion...desire...joy...the love of every moment.

To be a successful human, one must give it all from the heart. There must be passion...desire...joy...the love of every moment. 

When the show is over... only love remains.

Considering life from a window of light,


Monday, September 14, 2009

An Open Letter to President Obama

Daniel Brown's letter to the President was straight from the heart. It is my hope that not only will President Obama read it, but that it will be passed across this country as a sign of support for the healing of this nation. Whatever one’s political stance, you cannot deny the intrinsic desire to be unified.

“We must become the change we want to see in the world.”~Mohandas Gandhi

Keeping the light on your vision...


via The Meaning of Existence (and all that) by Daniel Brenton on 9/14/09

Dear Mr. President: Let me open by saying this is not a letter of attack, nor is it a letter of unconditional praise. It is, in fact, a request, a request for leadership which I believe you have within your power to do for this country, leadership that is sorely needed in these troubled times. I [...]

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Health Talk & You: Meditation and Reducing Stress - FOX 21 Online

Meditation is catching on in Minnesota... The University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality & Healing focuses its meditation programs on a technique called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, or MBSR. So simple, yet powerful.

Health Talk & You: Meditation and Reducing Stress
FOX 21 Online
One way to ditch this habit is meditation. Through self-directed practices for relaxing the body and mind, meditation has proven to reduce depression, ...

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Your Good Energy Day

Tomorrow is Good Energy Day... This came to me just in the nick of time today so I am sharing with everyone! Hold our light tomorrow. Smile, be kind, forgive someone, let go of ornery, let you heart open, allow joy to be your good vibe. Spread your Good Energy with everyone your meet. See the shift in yourself and in others... And then when the next day comes, do it all over again!

Be the light you seek!


P.S. The Good Energy Guy's photo below makes me happy! 

via Good Energy Blog by goodenergy@goodenergymovement.com (Chuck Penningotn) on 8/16/09

This is me, “The Good Energy Guy” in Hawaii creating and soaking in some Good Energy.
The Good Energy Guy in Hawaii
The Good Energy Guy in Hawaii
I’m going to be doing something simlar on Seprember 09, 2009 (09/09/09) at 9:09 am.
How will you celebrate Good Energy Day?
At Albany State University in Albany Georgia, the epicenter of Good Energy Day, they will be celecrating with a day of  mastermind sessions, talks of the effects of energy in our lives and why creating Good Energy is so very important to being happy and fufilled.
They will also be laying to groundwork for using social media to spread the word during theses first four years of the Good Energy Movement.
Will you do your part to lite the fire of Good Energy in our world?
There’s no set way to do it. You can do in a group or by yourself. You can do it with friends, family, or complete strangers.
It can be art, music, meditation, poetry, converation, masterminding, hugging your children, it can grand, small, or somwhere in between.
The important part of  09/09/09, Good Energy Day, is that we start shifting our energy, shifting our observations to better, and better ways of life.
And if each one of us can create more Good Energy in our own lives now matter what that expression might be, the greater our world will become. The time is ripe for new ways of thinking and new courses of action, new ways of creating Good Energy in our world for ourselves and more importantlly for our children and all of those that will follow in the energy we create right now.
Let’s make it Good, let’s make it Great.
Leave a comment, please share with us how you you celebrate Good Energy Day.
Your Good Energy Day is a post from: Good Energy Blog

What is meditation?

This is a good overview of what meditation is and isn't. Meditation is one of those things you have to do to understand its true meaning. People often reject it before ever really doing it. As the article says, you can take a class or be instructed, but you miss the whole point if you don't allow yourself to do it. Meditation is a willingness to be still, despite the busy mind within and the busy world without. Just the act of doing will bring you into a state of non-doing. Try it...and then try it again and again. After a while, you can drop the trying and just be.

Keeping the light on,

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Release Your Worries - Video Post

I had the pleasure of getting to know Karl Moore via the 30 Day Challenge...he is awesome. I love his straightforward approach to personal development. Here, in 3 minutes, Karl will give you food for thought for releasing anything that no longer serves you. Enjoy!

via Karl Blog by noreply@blogger.com (Karl) on 8/26/09

Have you discovered the art of releasing?

Releasing can help you let go of your worries - for good. And in this video post, I give a quick overview of the releasing process:

(Can't see the video? Visit www.karlblog.com to watch!)

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Monday, August 31, 2009

New Book on Meditation Offers a Hands... - Reuters

Author Dr. Robert Puff, international speaker, holistic health expert and author of "Anger Work" reveals in his new book how meditation not only reverses the negative effects of stress, but improves your overall health. See article from Reuters...

New Book on Meditation Offers a Hands-on Solution to Americans ...
Meditation has been shown over and over again in research studies and in millennia of practice to fight both the debilitating effects of stress and increase ...

and more »

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Mindfulness and meditation can help r... - Examiner.com

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress. Here is an article of interest.

This can come in many forms; whether it's through meditation or simply taking a few moments out of the day to do some deep breathing. ...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spirituality for busy people: 5 minut... - Examiner.com

Today everyone is on the go. Busy people need to find easy ways to relieve stress and be in the moment. Here's an article I found that offers some good ideas...including meditation...


Spirituality for busy people: 5 minute ways to honor mind and spirit
2) Do a brief meditation. Meditation does not need to take hours per day. A simple five-minute meditation as a break in one's day can really help one to ...

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Best Friends Forever!

Wikipedia briefly defines FRIENDSHIP as ‘a cooperative and supportive behavior between two or more people. In this sense, the term connotes a relationship which involves mutual knowledge, esteem, affection, and respect, along with a degree of rendering service in times of need or crisis.’

In my 47 years, I have been fortunate enough to acquire an amazing smorgasbord of genuine friendships. Growing up on a typical one-way street in the borough of Queens, our playmates consisted of whomever lived on the block. Unlike today’s structured sports and extracurricular activities where parents are driving kids to play-dates all over town, we were limited to finding friends just beyond the back door. For me, there was only one or two kids of my age group. Often, I would wind up as the entertaining ring leader of my younger triplet sisters, but mostly, I played alone. With an active imagination, I would create fictitious friends, some of which I gave names. In a sense, I was my own best friend.

When I was in second grade I met a girl who would later become my dearest lifelong friend. She was the complete opposite of me in looks and family background. She, a tall Italian girl with dark blackish-brown thick hair that was always pulled back into a ponytail with a barrette or bow. Me, a fair Irish lass with thin, straggly hair, cut in a short pixie style that my mother insisted I wear. Her almond shaped eyes are dark brown with olive skin to match. Mine are bright blue and pale. Rosemarie had a stylish wardrobe consisting of frilly dresses accompanied by matching shoes. As one of six kids, my fashion statement was hand-me-downs, handmade outfits by my mother or less-than-fad-store-boughts. And my worn out sneakers flapped when I walked. My new found diva went to a special studio for tap dance, a luxury my stepfather would not indulge in. Although he did let me hang out in his workshop to learn a thing or two about carpentry.

Nevertheless, with all our differences, Roe and I played famously together. I suppose she intrigued me and I amused her. She lived literally a stone’s throw away from the elementary school. Our relationship blossomed with frequent after school get-togethers and sleepovers at her house. We would delight with our Barbies for hours.

One silly story, we recall with laughter today, is when I took all my Barbies and doll paraphernalia in two big shopping bags and walked for about two miles to meet her at her father’s luncheonette. It took me quite a long time to get there, maybe two hours, and when I finally arrived I was exhausted. So much so we never even played with the doll stuff. What I do remember fondly is her dad cooking us up hamburgers with French fries topped with ketchup and a having a classic Coca-Cola to wash it all down.

Rosemarie Aguanno was (is) my first real best friend.

It is unbelievable to me sometimes to think how this person has remained a powerful force in my life for almost forty years. Our lives run parallel, not always in constant contact, but energetically we are knowingly infused in our eternal Oneness. Each being there for each other during joyful and trying times. We’ve experienced the death of loved ones and the birth of new life. Days of sheer madness with unbearable emotional upheavals and moments of bliss too profound for words.

Our special bond is without a doubt a Spiritual one. It’s amusing to me that we are two Catholic-raised girls confused about God who together found the Holy Spirit, not in a church, but within each other. We have matured together from innocent little girls to woman of wisdom in light. Though we physically live hundreds of miles apart, there is no distance between us. We have an authentic relationship based on unconditional love and respect.

Of all the people I am blessed to call my friend, I highlight Roe here because it seems this precious union we share tells an insightful tale. It speaks of higher purpose and reveals a bigger picture about life’s miraculous journey. When you pull back the lens, you can clearly see how our mutual life experiences are serendipitous. All a wonderfully Divine adventure to remember who we really are--here and now. Isn’t that what friends are for?

My connection with Rosemarie epitomizes the meaning of the word friendship: a relationship which involves mutual knowledge, esteem, affection, and respect, along with a degree of rendering service in times of need or crisis.

What I realize is that my investment in cultivating a genuine friendship as a child has ultimately made me quite prosperous in my authentic relationships as an adult. Let’s just say I have more best friends than I have fingers and toes. I am rich, indeed!

In gratitude and love for all my BFFs,


P.S. Since both our parents are passed, finding old photos of when we were kids is going to be a task. If we find one, I will post it later.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do you want to be right or be kind?

Misunderstandings are like flicking a lit match into a dampened forest. Sometimes they just smolder out and other times they catch like wildfire and before you know it, everyone and everything in its path is burnt to a crisp.

Your words, your actions, and your reactions can be a blessing to bring joy or a weapon to cause harm. We are all guilty of saying something we shouldn't have said or behaving in less than favorable ways to others. The important lesson here is to recognize where you went astray and to make a conscious effort to change how you respond to others going forward.

"To err is human, to forgive is Divine." ~Alexander Pope

Everyday is an opportunity to rise above past grievances, to forgive others and yourself, and to make a shift toward the greater good for all. As the saying goes, "Do you want to be right or kind." The choice is yours.

With compassion,

P.S. Awareness is key. Even if you lose your cool and throw daggers as your reaction to a disagreement, just the ability to notice what you did is a step in the right direction. Be easy with yourself, apologize for your behavior and then make every effort to redeem your ways.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take an "Ahhhh..." BREATH BREAK

"You have an inner guiding principle that is the source of your inner knowing. This is your higher, sovereign self. From this sovereign self you already have all you need and know what you need to know. This doorway should you choose to enter, will lead you back Home to yourself. The breath is that doorway." ~From Miriam Trahan, At Ease Breathing: Book One.


Take a moment to SIGH.

Just breathe in normally and open your mouth wide and say "Ahhhhh...."

Do it a few times, just breathing in and sighing, "Ahhhhh...."

Use your belly muscles to press in a bit so you can fully exhale. Now return to your normal breath.

Is your breath calmer, deeper? Do you feel a release in your shoulders, throat or face?

The "SIGH" or Exhaling Breath brings us into our parasympathetic nervous system, the part of us that remembers calm, ease, relaxation. Use the exhaling breath to recharge and remember the ease you were born with.

This BREATHING BREAK was brought to you compliments of At Ease Breathing. Learn more tips about the joy of breathing in Miriam Trahan's new book "At Ease Breathing: Book One," available at www.AtEaseBreathing.com.

In light,
Maggie Kalas

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Making Our First Movie - Take 1

Yesterday, my good friend Roxanne and I sat together once again to explore a couple of the new applications we are learning in our self-study Internet business course. After setting up our Stumble account, we decided to check out the video capabilities of our new Mac Pros.

So we clicked on iMovie and let it rip! I share here our first clip with some bells and whistles I added later as I walked myself through some editing features. Needless to say, we had fun, and that's what working is supposed to be--a joy-filled experience!

Maggie Kalas and Roxanne Browning --
Making our first movie - TAKE 1

iMovie...Hmmmm, how does this thing work?

Hope we made you laugh or at least spread a smile!

I have been cracking myself up every time I watch it because I love to see us in our natural inquisitive state of learning. The work we will be doing, though different--me with my meditation and Rox with her healthy raw chocolate--will in some ways be serious business. On the other hand, we always have to remember not to take ourselves too seriously.

Joy is in the lighthearted way we go through the journey of life!

With love and humor,


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Awakening

I am awake!
How long have I been sleeping?


There is so much to do

So much to see

Life is just beginning

What a wonderful place to be.


There are no limits
There is no time

Action is taking place

So much to experience
And I am doing it



A Poem by Katrina Mayer, author of The Mustard Seed Way.

Offered in light,

Maggie Kalas

Monday, June 22, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Can you feel it? There is a push or perhaps a pull. An energy that is tugging at your soul. Sitting on the fence is no longer an option. Ascend or descend! Change is at hand. The secret is being revealed to us like Dorothy’s 'aha moment' in the Wizard of Oz--“There’s no place like home.”

Home? Where?

Home is a state of Being that brings Peace, Fulfillment and Joy. The amazing power to get there is not behind the curtain, or in other people’s perception of truth, or the doom and gloom of the outer world’s illusion. It’s lying dormant within us, waiting to be awoken. Those, of course, who resist the resounding internal wake-up call will simply roll over and miss the illuminating fireworks. Lost in a dream-like reality of witches, flying monkeys and fear, they will not find their way home to peace--at least not in this lifetime.

What I have discovered, on my yellow brick road to self-realization, is that the only one I can truly count on to get me home is Me. I am blessed with many who may point me in the right direction, but in the end, it is up to Me to get me there. In the beginning, the journey seemed far and ominous. Now, it’s mostly a pleasant ride, like taking a Sunday drive with no specific place to go. There are a multitude of terrains and conditions: hills, valleys, rain storms, sleet and ice, sharp turns, gentle breezes, sunny skies and bumps, many bumps. However, all of it feels good...because I know I am on my way.

Here I am. Another fork in the road with decisions to make. This time the choice doesn’t feel so difficult. In fact, it seems more like a spontaneous shift in the right direction. Like following the wind on a sailboat, I am swiftly making a turn downstream. The wake behind me and the horizon ahead. The voice inside saying, “Tacking,” and I follow obediently. Usually I resist this voice or drown it out with distraction and drama. Now I am listening to its gentle whisper calling me Home.

What is this inner voice? God? Source? The Universe? Life Force?

“All of that,” I could hear Abraham(-Hicks) answer emphatically. It is the Primal Spirit, the Power within, your Higher Self, your Soul. In all spiritual teachings throughout history there is an Ethereal Force that creates life. The Creator is not separate from us; we are One with it. The physical world is a Co-creative process. In ancient Sanskrit, this corporeal energy is referred to as Kundalini. A subtle power source sitting at the bottom of our spine awaiting activation of its restorative purpose. What I have learned is: no one can ignite its healing fire but me.

The embodiment of Kundalini-Life Force was evident within every word written by JJ Semple in his book Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time. I was drawn in by this power to read it, and soon discovered the power was reading me. You cannot turn away from truth once you have awareness of it. Even if you try to dodge it or slip back into old, complacent ways, it’s still there. The call of your destiny will only haunt you if you don’t comply.

This was my realization about the Kundalini-Life Force; it is who I am so I cannot deny it. The Light within has been giving me cues all my life. Mostly I ignored it, for the past decade I have paid it heed, seeking personal development. For me, Semple’s story reflected an imbalance in me wanting to return to balance--NOW, not later! And so, I believe a new script to my life is about to be played out and the scene involves engaging in the Golden Flower Meditation.

In consulting the I-Ching, an ancient Chinese oracle known also as Book of Changes, I discover--as Semple had--its precise wisdom and guidance. With a toss of the coins, my journey begins with six in the first line, indicating a movement in the foundation of my life is apparent. The subsequent tossing of the coins builds five fixed solid lines, creating a Hexagram* that sheds light as to where I am heading--straight to Heaven!

While that sounds well and good, the changing break in the bottom line blatantly implies that this will not be a direct path and discipline and focus will be required. I must face whatever needs to be altered in me with unwavering faith for a positive outcome. The shadows of the ego will resist, but with deliberate fortitude, and management of the awakened Kundalini within me, I can surely rise above the wind to return home--to joyfully be Me.

Today the air is still outside mirroring my directive to be still inside. I am the eternally grateful student and the Golden Flower Meditation acts as an intermediary teacher, preparing me for the arrival of my ultimate Master and my ultimate transformation.

I can hear the voice saying, “There’s no place like Home.”

In gratitude and joy,



P.S. The decision for me to explore the transformational aspects of Golden Flower Meditation by no means implies that it is the only way for healing, enlightenment or a life of joy. There are many paths that lead us to our intended purpose. My philosophy has always been to live life in moderation. Being in alignment with who you are is key. We all need to find our unique yin/yang in life. May you find your way home in peace and joy.

*I-Ching - Book of Changes
Request: Guidance regarding pursuing the Golden Flower Meditation

Hexagram 44 -- Kou - Coming to Meet
------- above Ch'ien-The Creative, Heaven

------- below Sun-The Gentle, Wind
The Judgement: Coming to Meet. The maiden is powerful.One should not marry such a maiden.
The Image: Under heaven, wind -- The image of Coming to Meet. Thus does the prince act when disseminating his commands And proclaiming them to the four quarters of heaven.
Changing Lines: Changing yin at the bottom means--It must be checked with a brake of bronze. Perseverance brings good fortune. If one lets it take its course, one experiences misfortune.Even a lean pig has it in him to rage around.

The change at the bottom produces the outcome:

1. Ch'ien - The Creative
------ above Ch'ien The Creative, Heaven
------ below Ch'ien The Creative, Heaven
The Judgement: The Creative works sublime success,Furthering through perseverance.
The Image: The movement of heaven is full of power. Thus the superior man makes himself strong and untiring.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The first step to move away from STRESS and head toward SUCCESS is to just STOP!  

The STRESS OR SUCCESS MEDITATION is an easy and effective tool to stop stress in its tracks and to create a path of least resistance toward achieving your success. It allows your mind to clear, your body to relax and will help you get refocused on your intended goal. Practice this meditation if you find yourself feeling tense, overwhelmed, irritable, or if you just want to be more relaxed and centered. 

Find a quiet place where you are not likely to be disturbed. At home, you may shut the phone and find a comfortable chair. At work, you might slip into an unused office or conference room. Even sitting in your car (or a bathroom stall) will do the trick. The most important part is find place where you can sit comfortably without interruption. Preferably, your feet should be flat on the ground with your back straight to prevent your mind from becoming sleepy. In any case, make the best of wherever you are to get comfortable.

Gently close your eyes and turn your attention to your breathing. Just breathe naturally. It is best to breathe through the nostrils, but it is more important not to attempt to control your breath. As you bring your focus to your breathing, try to also notice the sensation of the breath as it enters and leaves the nostrils. This sensation is your “object” or "focal point" of the meditation. It will keep you from being distracted by external noises. Optimally, awareness of your breath should be to the exclusion of everything else. But don't worry if it is not.

Initially, your mind will be very busy, and you might even feel that the meditation is making your mind busier. In reality, you are just becoming more aware of how busy your mind actually is. There will be a great temptation to follow the different thoughts as they arise, but you should dismiss this and remain focused specifically on the sensation of the breath. If you discover that your mind has wandered and is following your thoughts, no harm, simply return your attention back to the breath. Repeat this as many times as necessary until the mind settles on the breath.

Do the STRESS OR SUCCESS MEDITATION for at least five minutes, but ten to twenty minutes would be better. In an immediate crisis, simply close your eyes for a moment and take a cleansing breath or two.

As you regularly practice this easy meditation exercise, you will find that your tension subsides more easily and you experience an immediate sense of inner peace and relaxation. You will notice that you are calmer, refreshed and more focused. Your attitude naturally feels uplifted. You will find that usual problems or difficult situations will become easier to deal with and you will once again be back on track with SUCCESS!

Spreading the Joy,



Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Shift Keeps Shifting

About 9 years ago, my sister and I began experiencing a change in our lives. It was like we were moving simultaneously into a new reality. We both had always been intuitive, especially since the passing of my mother in 1985. However, now things seemed a little different. Something new was being revealed to us. Synchronicity began to happen. Like getting a "brick in the head," life began to shake us up; or shall I say, 'wake us up'. It's not that we didn't already have lots of challenging episodes in our lives before; we each had our fair share. At this particular moment in time, there was a different change that came more from a soul level. There was a distinct clarity and insight that began to take place. It was like a fog had lifted and we could clearly see what was really going on above the drama in our lives.

We were in our own separate world of insight and connection. Something amazing was happening within us. We mutually had new spiritual insight; glimpses of knowing or wisdom. We felt excited and blessed that we were experiencing this new perspective together. Little did we know at the time that we, like many people around the world, were experiencing an evolutionary phenomenon now referred to as "The Shift."

Students and sisters of light. We had experienced a "Shift" that would never revert back. Together we had proclaimed to ascend with full intention to reach our highest potential during this lifetime and beyond. With eyes and hearts open, we asked for the Shift. Not as a singular experience, but as ever expanding life journey. It was our realization and desire to shed what no longer served our highest good and to allow our True Selves to emerge. One of compassion, of humility, of gratitude, and of joy.

What seemed so private to us then is now showing itself as universal; a transformational shift in humanity to open to a new state of awareness. "The Shift" I am talking about is brilliantly portrayed in a new movie of the same name starring Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Like the proverbial fly on the wall, in this movie you observe the intertwined tales of three individuals dealing with intense life challenges. As their lives become cocooned for transformation, the viewer also begins to recognize a higher truth, as Dr. Dyer poignantly interjects teachings about living life with meaning and purpose.

All I can say is that from the time I had my first "Aha Moment," it seems that they are a daily occurrence now. The Shift keeps on shifting. We are becoming the change we seek. It is a metamorphosis not a quantum leap. Everyday a new skin is shed and a new light is revealed. It takes commitment and intent to persevere. The Shift is a beginning to creating a new life here on Earth; one that has the makings of peace and joy.

The Shift... I highly recommend it.

In light,


Maggie Kalas

Monday, May 25, 2009

Your Higher Self #3

By now you may have considered the first two things your Higher Self wishes for you: that you recognize YOU are Divine and that your Purpose in life is to experience Joy.

Interestingly enough, after I am the one sharing these two important messages, the third thing your Higher Self wants is for you to “hear their guidance” directly. No middleman.

Your Higher Self is in constant communication with you, even if you aren’t tuning into their messages. Most of us are asking the questions, like: “Who am I,” “What is my purpose,” “Is there more to life,” yet we are still looking in the physical world to find answers. Meanwhile, Spirit is streaming direct responses with all the answers that often go unheard or misunderstood.

Your Higher Self wants:


Sure, it’s nice to go to a Psychic Medium or an Intuitive or to use Oracle communicators to try to get the guidance that you seek. And it is true that they are often viable vehicles your Higher Self can use to communicate with you. However, your Higher Self can only really be of Service to you effectively when you “hear their message” for yourself. 

It is through experience that we learn and open to growth. Your Higher Self encourages you to take time to learn how to “hear,” “see,” “feel,” and “know” Higher wisdom. Tune in by taking time to be still. A simple meditation practice of sitting in a quiet space for 10-15 minutes with your eyes closed, just breathing, will open you up to these sensory areas of higher communication. 

Meditation is a time for listening, observing, sensing, and grasping the unseen part of you. And when you are in the moment, your channel is clear to receive Divine wisdom. 

Pay attention. 

Listen for their guidance. 

Follow your gut. 

Trust in YOU (that’s the physical YOU and the non-physical YOU!)

Your potential is beyond your imagination; and your Higher Self is ready, willing and able to bring you directly to unlimited possibilities.

In light,
Maggie Kalas

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Angels and Tweeters

I have been on Twitter for the past few weeks and find it a fascinating tool for communicating with people around the world. It links folks up instantaneously; allowing you to pick and choose who and what information you want to follow. I like the freedom of it and the curiosity of what people have to say or share.

I thought it would be fun to do an Angel reading for all you Tweeters.

Here is what the Angels want you to know about this innovative vehicle for bringing people together.

Angel Card picked:


"Your soul seeks to express itself in a creative way."

The way they see it, Twitter is simply a creativity outlet. It allows people to express themselves in a way they cannot via other channels. It allows for freedom of expression; which they support when it comes from a meaningful place for the highest good for all.

So Tweet with integrity and share your inner artistry with the world!

In light,
Maggie Kalas

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Your Higher Self #2

You are Divine.

Okay, that was the first thing your Higher Self wants you to know. Yet, even with that profound realization, the human being that you express yourself as right now may still be a little unsure of what that really means. After all, in the day-to-day challenges of living the human life, Divine is not quite they way we feel.

Most of us feel frustrated, unloved, depressed, stressed, confused, overwhelmed, fearful, angry, unhappy, even hopeless at one time or another. Where's our Divineness then?

Your Divine essence is always there, loving you and observing without judgment. It waits for you to hear its gentle call. It is a vibrational one and it is the sound of contentment, wellness, good-feeling, peace. Joy is the clear channel amongst all the static. In order to know Joy, you must tune in to your Divine Self.

Your Higher Self wants to:


The Divine you has one goal in mind for you--that you experience JOY.

When we are distracted by the drama of the world, we loose sight of the presence of Joy. Like your Divine Self, it is not a destination but a state of being. To be You is to be Joyful.

When you are living from Joy your dreams are lived. Joy is the well-spring of peace and contentment. It's not a fireworks, balloons dropping, music blaring, screaming loud lottery winning experience; it is quiet yet immense in its subtlety.

To know Joy is to capture its essence in a moment. There is a difference between being joyful and being happy. Happiness is more of a singular expression where as Joyfulness is all-encompassing state of knowing. It represents unlimited potentiality.

We are given Free Will as an opportunity to discover our Divine Self. Not because we have to, but because we want to. It is God’s desire for all to CHOOSE Joy-filled lives.

Many might argue the point based on conditions around the world or even in their own lives. Why would they "choose" otherwise. However, humanity often misses the point by focusing on the lack or the unwanted. And that is their "choice" so that is often what they get; over and over again.

Joy begins with awareness that you are Divine. And then the real understanding opens up when you allow yourself to be You. It becomes more clear when you stop and take a step back from the drama of the outside world and give sacred time to your inner world.

As you deliberately move towards a life in Joy, you will discover that the journey need not be a painful one. Suffering is merely a path. You can learn from pleasure as well as pain. It is true that we often grow from grief, but there is as much challenge in Joy as in sorrow. Again, the choice is always yours.

To know Joy is to know Thyself.

From that perspective, life can be seen from Joy-filled eyes.

In light,
Maggie Kalas

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spread a Little JOY

Science has confirmed that a "Joy Center" exists in the right orbital prefrontal cortex of the brain. It has executive control over the entire emotional system. A naturally developed joy center acts as a regulator of emotions, pain tolerance and overall immune system. A healthy, mature joy center produces and releases neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which enhance a person's sense of well-being.

In the first two years of a child's development, their joy center is highly activated and seeks to be stimulated. The experience of joy is one of the most intense desires, especially in developing a loving relationship, i.e. with mom, dad, sibling or anyone offering loving attention. The impulse to be recognized by someone else in a joyful fashion is part of the basic human need. Everyone is empowered by joy when people are in relationships that are authentic and when others sincerely are "happy" to be with them.

Basically, joy produces more joy--in the "joy giver" and the "joy receiver." It is contagious and can trigger a spontaneous shift in multitudes when activated. When two people see joy in each other, technically, the joy ping pongs back and forth and multiplies at a rate of six cycles per second. This intensity of the joy is increased or intensified by each exchanged and can be magnified even more when using other senses besides visual such as touch and sound.

Okay, now that you have that important little ditty about joy, the next step is to "Build and Strengthen Your Joy Center." Try these basic practices:

  • Use your face. Simply put -- smile more!

  • Check your tone. Oh, boy, we are all guilty of having a certain "tone." Unfortunately, it is not the one we should use, which would be sincere, kind, gentle. Listen the next time you talk; adjust your tone.

  • Be interested. When someone else is speaking or wanting to explain something, pay attention. Ask inviting questions that show your interest. Listen, really listen, without interruption. Again, not always easy (especially for me), but make it a practice.

  • Show some respect. Just be a decent person; treating others with dignity. Yes, just like you want to be treated. Everyone desires the respect of another and everyone wants to be validated. Take the lead.

  • Thoughtfulness is king. Make the time to consider someone and then show them by doing something kind. It can be as simple a personal note, a small gift, a helping hand or a gentle touch.

  • Make the connection. Whether it be a loving hug, a sweet whisper, an approving glance, a meaningful dialog, a moving melody, or even a prayerful thought; make an effort to send out your joy.
Hmmm, you may be saying, "Seems like I am doing all the work!" In truth, you are only doing a small part of the "joy building" process. By incorporating the few practices mentioned, you would be a "spreader of joy." As you become mindful of bringing joy to others, its natural spontaneous response does the rest of the work. Its a win, win effort.

Spread a little joy and a little joy will spread and spread and spread!

And you will be happier, too!

In light,

Maggie Kalas

Monday, April 20, 2009

Usui Reiki vs Karuna Reiki?

As a Reiki Master, I decided to join a couple Reiki groups on the LinkedIN networking site, one of which is called Reiki Healers Worldwide. Today I noted the following question, "What is the difference between Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki? Is one better than the other?"

There were several comments offering a variety of answers--all good. I, of course, offered my two-cents as well. Just in case you are interested, I thought I would share my feedback with you here.

Usui Reiki vs. Karuna Reiki

Simply put, Usui Method of Reiki is done in accordance with the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition named after and taught by Master Mikao Usui.

Although I am not a student of Karuna, I do follow William Rand's teachings and believe it to be an intensive healing practice that certainly expands the traditional Usui teaching. My feeling is that the symbols and other techniques used in Karuna acts in a similar way the Reiki II Usui symbols enhanced the Reiki I experience. To me, the symbols are merely pointers or intention activators, which are quite useful for keeping the practitioner focused and in alignment with the energy intention. The recipient also surely benefits.

I applaud William Rand for taking a leading position to discover other methods for increasing the practitioner's vibration, which is really what Reiki is all about. As the practitioner is able to hold a higher vibration Being Reiki, the recipient's intelligent energy system naturally seeks to align with it. Win, win!

In my opinion, there are many ways to expand your light and raise your vibration. Usui Reiki is a wonderful platform; Karuna is another path. I have done other studies and practices to fine tune and expand the light body, which all have enhanced my healing practice. I would encourage anyone who has found Reiki, is attuned with it, practices it or teaches it, to always continue to learn new ways to develop their gift of being a lightworker.

I like the idea of following tradition, but I also like the idea of living on the leading edge of thought. If you are drawn to Karuna, go for it!

Consider it all JOY!

In light,
Maggie Kalas

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Your Higher Self #1

The big question of "Who Am I" can be simply answered as "YOU ARE DIVINE."

This Divine You or Higher Self or Non-Physical Self has great purpose. You are the bird choosing your direction, but you Higher Self, it is the wind beneath your wings. In general, all people have their own unique expression of the Divine Self. However, ultimately, we are One in light.

There are many important things the Higher Self wants you to know. When you tune in, all these loving messages can be received. For now, we are going to focus on them one at a time. In this way, you can develop not only a deeper understanding of the Divine You, you can also engage in a productive relationship with this infinitely intelligent Self.

Your Higher Self wants to:


The Divine You had a goal when you came into this world and is always ready to accomplish it. Even though you are physical and have conscious thought, your Higher Self is continually prompting you to stay on the path of growth. That was the agreement.

You are an eternal Being, ever expanding. When our life experience brings Spiritual growth or maturity, your Higher Self is expanded. All That IS is expanded. In other words, our life experience offers wonderful opportunities to come closer to our Source; to God. That is always our Divine intent.

You know all the drama issues -- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual -- you are experiencing, well they are designed to help you meet your life's contract. Drama, or contrast to who you are, creates a clear intention for you to move toward your goal. It teaches you about who you are, what you want in this life and lovingly directs you on that path.

And guess what?

You can always change the game plan you originally intented when you decided to come into this life. Free Will is just that FREE! A spiritual contract is merely like creating a marketing plan for your business. You layout guidelines and considerations, but you do leave room for change and flexibility. As you live and learn, new options for life experience and growth come into play. And your Higher Self is totally on your side, ready to help.

Think of your Higher Self as your own personal Life Coach, diligently guiding you to make the best choices for YOU - now and going forward.

Your Higher Self communicates through your feeling place, your intuition, your visions, your inner voice, your dreams, your inspirations.

Stop and listen.

In light,
Maggie Kalas

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who Are YOU?

Along my quest to know thyself, many teachers have come my way. By form of humans, animals, spirit guides, Angels, inspiration (my own), books, tapes, channelings, religious teachings, metaphysical sciences, quantum physics, nature, and infinite intelligence.

One key question: "Who Am I?", has often been anwswered with reference to as my "Higher Self."

So, what does that mean-- "Higher Self"?

Here is what I've got so far...

Your Higher Self is the most perfect form of "YOU" that exists in the universe.

It is the “I AM” of who you are.
It is your infinite being; the reflection of your God self.
It is pure positive energy.
It is supreme intelligence.
It is your connection to Source.
It is always guiding you on your journey through life.
Its guidance manifests itself in your life in many subtle ways: as a still small voice, as vivid images and pictures, as flashes of insight and feelings, as intuition and knowingness.

As you awaken to it and follow its loving guidance, you expand; raising your vibration higher, which also elevates the resonance of the plant and the universe, ultimately giving glory to God, our creator.

Gulp! Can't say much more than that right now.

More to follow...


Monday, March 30, 2009

Bringing a bit of "Joy" to cancer patients

If today you are feeling good, healthy, have a job, a family... well, today you are having a pretty good day. For you, joy may be easy to find.

For some, who suffer from health issues, job loss or loneliness, joy can easily elude them. Sometimes, it takes another person or a community to show them the way back to feeling good.

My dear friend, Roe--who has been in my life since second grade--and I both lost our parents and a sibling to premature death due to various debilitating illnesses. Regardless of the cause, watching someone be drained of the joy of life is life-changing, to say the least. I do believe there is always something good happening in every situation, even the challenging ones. For us, with our loss came a rewarding gain. We both have become compassionate, loving, giving woman who have a heart for others and for following our life's passion.

Years ago when my sister, Val, was critical with brain cancer, I thought I could help her financially by putting together a little fundraiser. What started small turned into a terrific Ladies Night Out event raising over $10,000. What I learned was how the power of one and the love and generosity of many in a community can not only raise money for a worthy cause, but can truly bring joy and lift the spirit of someone who is going through a difficult time.

Recently, Roe, who lives in North Carolina, came across a new charity called "Help from Hopp" which was created by Bruce Miller after his wife, Sue, lost her life to breast cancer. Sue, aka Hopp, a pet name he gave her meaning Hoptoad, was the inspiration for him to start this non-profit organization.

When Sue was in treatment, the one thing that made her feel really good was to get a manicure. Now he offers cancer patients $50 toward whatever pleasurable "little thing" they want that feels good. Sometimes it's a manicure, a haircut, a foot massage, a nice dinner or even getting a special gift for someone else; regardless there is no strings attached. "Help from Hopp" is simply about bringing a bit of "joy" to cancer patients.

If the "joy" is in the little things, is sure seems to bring big things! As a way to support "Help from Hopp's" joy-giving efforts, on May 17th, Roe will be hosting a big "Family, Food & FUN-raiser" event at her restaurant, Georgina's Pizzeria & Restaurant in Cary. She already has delicious foods, music, raffles, magic and lots of surprises in store. If you know Roe like I know Roe, this will be one heck of a great shindig!

For those who are close to Cary, North Carolina, do come on by! Regardless of where you live, you could still get involved by becoming a sponsor or making a donation. Click here for more information about "Help from Hopp" and this special fundraiser event.

In joy,

Maggie Kalas