Friday, January 30, 2009

The Love Cycle of Parenting

Every parent comes to a fork in the road when they must let their child go down their own path as they must continue on theirs. It is a fearful time. Not only a fear of the unknown, I believe it is much more a fear of separation or loss.

In truth, life reveals that in branching out, no matter where life takes you, what remains parallel is the very thing that brought you all together in the first place--love.

And love always trumps fear!

Below is poem that I created as an edited version of a letter I wrote to my oldest daughter. I offer it here as a kind of dedication to parents and children alike--For all the strength it takes a parent to release their child into the world and for all the courage necessary for a child to fly on their own. May your unbreakable love bring peace and encouragement.

The Love Cycle of Parenting
by Maggie Kalas

You are my child.
With God’s help,
I have brought you into this world
and you are precious to me.

You are not my possession.
You are someone I do hold dear to my heart.

I love you.
It is not just three words
but a truth that cannot be broken.

You are like flower; delicate, exuding beauty,
yet an amazing strength lies unseen within.
You shine in the sun one day and then the next,
you must return to your roots for new growth.
Like magic, you emerge again; even more majestic.

I once planted the seed, but now,
I am only the observer; amazed and in awe.

I do not judge.
I rejoice when you are in full bloom
and mourn when you are wilted.

I sprinkle a little love with hope
and reach out to caress your drooping spirit.
If your thorns prick me, I may weep,
but I am forgiving; I know your thorns protect you.

When you are sad, I am sad
because I long for the joy of your light.

I love you; it is eternal and ever present.
Even in the cold of darkness, a warm light remains lit.
You are the light in me as I am the light in you.
We are one in this light.

No time or distance will ever separate our bond.
You are free to be you. And I believe in you.

My purpose at one time was to feed you,
nurture you, love you and protect you.
Now you are matured in your skin
and must live life in order to grow.

Loving you is all I can do now.
And, I do love you.

The rest is up to YOU!

A little secret…
everything you will ever need
is already within you.
Know thyself.

Consider it all joy,

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