Friday, February 27, 2009

Ever-Present PEACE

“Make Peace with where you are.”

This is one of the most important things we can do says Abraham-Hicks, a teacher of co-creating the life you desire. One of the key points she makes is that the Universe is like an ever-flowing river and everything we ever want is downstream.

When you make Peace with where you are—even when you are in debt, in anger, in a bad relationship, in an unfulfilling job, in an unpleasant situation—you disarm yourself from what is happening and engage in the power of the stream of potential in that moment.

Making Peace with where you are means simply to let go of the struggle. You don’t need to control anything. You just need to trust in the current. It is not necessary to do all the work. It is not necessary to paddle upstream. For one, nothing you really want is upstream, everything is downstream. Two, you feel better when pull in the oars and simply float to a better feeling place.

Making Peace with where you are is to recognize what is happening without judgment on anyone or anything. You ride the storm; let the wind and rain blow through like you are a lighthouse. By embracing the sunshine and the rain, the blue skies and the fierce winds, you allow life to unfold in a natural, effortless way.

When you make Peace with where you are your perception shifts. You expand your awareness and experience life authentically. Something wonderful happens to you. A light goes on inside you that cannot be turned off. Healing occurs. Growth takes place. Like a Lotus flower, something beautiful emerges from deep within you. A glimpse of joy, compassion and forgiveness appear. Standing beside the worry, the fear, the angst, the powerlessness is a feeling of calm, a pillar of stillness.

Peace is not a destination; it is a state of being.

When you find yourself out of the moment, stressed out, in a bad spot, saddened, frightened, worried, lost…stop yourself. Breathe in and out with awareness. Accept what is happening. Become an observer of yourself. Feel the emotion, but don’t become the emotion. Make Peace with where you are. Say to your self, “Here I am. I am here.” Acknowledge your position. “Okay, I am angry.” “I am worried about the future.” “I am afraid of the outcome.” " I am overwhelmed in the situation."

You will be surprised to find that although the circumstance is the same, your perception will dramatically change. By purposefully acknowledging your position and your state of being, you get unstuck, you allow an opening so that you can now take appropriate action.

One of the greatest perks to practicing this powerful exercise of making Peace with where you are—and it does take practice—is that once you experience this new state of being, this profound insight; once your heart and mind are opened to the ever-present Peace, you can never go back.

Oh, you might slip into the abyss; you might spiral down to misery, you might jump onto the bandwagon of doom and gloom, you might get sucked into negative patterns, you might get all caught up into the demise of a situation. But I guarantee that the new found Peace in you, like a Gorilla in the room, cannot be ignored for long.

You may not be able to avoid challenges or unpleasant circumstances, but by making Peace with where you are, you will find that instead of dwelling in your despair, you recover more quickly.

For me, everyday I get better at making Peace with where I am.

I am here. Here I am. And you know what, the Joy is always there!

Keeping the light on,


Monday, February 23, 2009

TAPAS Now in Northport

Here’s a little bit of trivia: the word "tapas" is derived from the word "tapar", which means "to cover." Why? Because tapas were originally small pieces of bread topped with a slice of cured ham that bartenders used to cover your glass of wine, reportedly to keep the swarms of fruit flies away.

Today, the concept has evolved to include little dishes of hot, cold and marinated foods which still should be complimented with a favorite beverage of wine, beer, sangria or even sparkling water.

In my home town of Northport, you can find a fantastic assortment of inexpensive tapas at the Batata Café. Originally a chocolate and coffee house, this eclectic little bistro has turned into a hotspot for lunch goers because of their incredible menu of fresh baked pastries, breakfast burritos, wraps, paninis, salads, soups and desserts.

Now you can wine and dine on delectable little gourmet meals for dinner. The ambiance at Batata changes from earthy-crunchy casual to cozy and romantic as the evening unfolds with candlelight, music, white tablecloths, extremely attentive table service, and, of course, a menu of deliciously unique Ba-tapas.

Two visits by me so far; one on Valentine’s day with three other couples and the other with a bunch of girlfriends. My favorite tapas was the mussels in coconut milk broth w/fresh ginger and lemongrass & served with grilled crostini; although the pan seared crab cakes served over mixed baby Green salad with Lemon Aioli is a close second.

The next time you are in Northport, why not stop by the Batata Café to try it for yourself; tell Nicole Nappy, your culinary host, that Maggie sent you!

Sharing in light and culinary delight,