Sunday, April 26, 2009

Your Higher Self #2

You are Divine.

Okay, that was the first thing your Higher Self wants you to know. Yet, even with that profound realization, the human being that you express yourself as right now may still be a little unsure of what that really means. After all, in the day-to-day challenges of living the human life, Divine is not quite they way we feel.

Most of us feel frustrated, unloved, depressed, stressed, confused, overwhelmed, fearful, angry, unhappy, even hopeless at one time or another. Where's our Divineness then?

Your Divine essence is always there, loving you and observing without judgment. It waits for you to hear its gentle call. It is a vibrational one and it is the sound of contentment, wellness, good-feeling, peace. Joy is the clear channel amongst all the static. In order to know Joy, you must tune in to your Divine Self.

Your Higher Self wants to:


The Divine you has one goal in mind for you--that you experience JOY.

When we are distracted by the drama of the world, we loose sight of the presence of Joy. Like your Divine Self, it is not a destination but a state of being. To be You is to be Joyful.

When you are living from Joy your dreams are lived. Joy is the well-spring of peace and contentment. It's not a fireworks, balloons dropping, music blaring, screaming loud lottery winning experience; it is quiet yet immense in its subtlety.

To know Joy is to capture its essence in a moment. There is a difference between being joyful and being happy. Happiness is more of a singular expression where as Joyfulness is all-encompassing state of knowing. It represents unlimited potentiality.

We are given Free Will as an opportunity to discover our Divine Self. Not because we have to, but because we want to. It is God’s desire for all to CHOOSE Joy-filled lives.

Many might argue the point based on conditions around the world or even in their own lives. Why would they "choose" otherwise. However, humanity often misses the point by focusing on the lack or the unwanted. And that is their "choice" so that is often what they get; over and over again.

Joy begins with awareness that you are Divine. And then the real understanding opens up when you allow yourself to be You. It becomes more clear when you stop and take a step back from the drama of the outside world and give sacred time to your inner world.

As you deliberately move towards a life in Joy, you will discover that the journey need not be a painful one. Suffering is merely a path. You can learn from pleasure as well as pain. It is true that we often grow from grief, but there is as much challenge in Joy as in sorrow. Again, the choice is always yours.

To know Joy is to know Thyself.

From that perspective, life can be seen from Joy-filled eyes.

In light,
Maggie Kalas

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spread a Little JOY

Science has confirmed that a "Joy Center" exists in the right orbital prefrontal cortex of the brain. It has executive control over the entire emotional system. A naturally developed joy center acts as a regulator of emotions, pain tolerance and overall immune system. A healthy, mature joy center produces and releases neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which enhance a person's sense of well-being.

In the first two years of a child's development, their joy center is highly activated and seeks to be stimulated. The experience of joy is one of the most intense desires, especially in developing a loving relationship, i.e. with mom, dad, sibling or anyone offering loving attention. The impulse to be recognized by someone else in a joyful fashion is part of the basic human need. Everyone is empowered by joy when people are in relationships that are authentic and when others sincerely are "happy" to be with them.

Basically, joy produces more joy--in the "joy giver" and the "joy receiver." It is contagious and can trigger a spontaneous shift in multitudes when activated. When two people see joy in each other, technically, the joy ping pongs back and forth and multiplies at a rate of six cycles per second. This intensity of the joy is increased or intensified by each exchanged and can be magnified even more when using other senses besides visual such as touch and sound.

Okay, now that you have that important little ditty about joy, the next step is to "Build and Strengthen Your Joy Center." Try these basic practices:

  • Use your face. Simply put -- smile more!

  • Check your tone. Oh, boy, we are all guilty of having a certain "tone." Unfortunately, it is not the one we should use, which would be sincere, kind, gentle. Listen the next time you talk; adjust your tone.

  • Be interested. When someone else is speaking or wanting to explain something, pay attention. Ask inviting questions that show your interest. Listen, really listen, without interruption. Again, not always easy (especially for me), but make it a practice.

  • Show some respect. Just be a decent person; treating others with dignity. Yes, just like you want to be treated. Everyone desires the respect of another and everyone wants to be validated. Take the lead.

  • Thoughtfulness is king. Make the time to consider someone and then show them by doing something kind. It can be as simple a personal note, a small gift, a helping hand or a gentle touch.

  • Make the connection. Whether it be a loving hug, a sweet whisper, an approving glance, a meaningful dialog, a moving melody, or even a prayerful thought; make an effort to send out your joy.
Hmmm, you may be saying, "Seems like I am doing all the work!" In truth, you are only doing a small part of the "joy building" process. By incorporating the few practices mentioned, you would be a "spreader of joy." As you become mindful of bringing joy to others, its natural spontaneous response does the rest of the work. Its a win, win effort.

Spread a little joy and a little joy will spread and spread and spread!

And you will be happier, too!

In light,

Maggie Kalas

Monday, April 20, 2009

Usui Reiki vs Karuna Reiki?

As a Reiki Master, I decided to join a couple Reiki groups on the LinkedIN networking site, one of which is called Reiki Healers Worldwide. Today I noted the following question, "What is the difference between Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki? Is one better than the other?"

There were several comments offering a variety of answers--all good. I, of course, offered my two-cents as well. Just in case you are interested, I thought I would share my feedback with you here.

Usui Reiki vs. Karuna Reiki

Simply put, Usui Method of Reiki is done in accordance with the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition named after and taught by Master Mikao Usui.

Although I am not a student of Karuna, I do follow William Rand's teachings and believe it to be an intensive healing practice that certainly expands the traditional Usui teaching. My feeling is that the symbols and other techniques used in Karuna acts in a similar way the Reiki II Usui symbols enhanced the Reiki I experience. To me, the symbols are merely pointers or intention activators, which are quite useful for keeping the practitioner focused and in alignment with the energy intention. The recipient also surely benefits.

I applaud William Rand for taking a leading position to discover other methods for increasing the practitioner's vibration, which is really what Reiki is all about. As the practitioner is able to hold a higher vibration Being Reiki, the recipient's intelligent energy system naturally seeks to align with it. Win, win!

In my opinion, there are many ways to expand your light and raise your vibration. Usui Reiki is a wonderful platform; Karuna is another path. I have done other studies and practices to fine tune and expand the light body, which all have enhanced my healing practice. I would encourage anyone who has found Reiki, is attuned with it, practices it or teaches it, to always continue to learn new ways to develop their gift of being a lightworker.

I like the idea of following tradition, but I also like the idea of living on the leading edge of thought. If you are drawn to Karuna, go for it!

Consider it all JOY!

In light,
Maggie Kalas

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Your Higher Self #1

The big question of "Who Am I" can be simply answered as "YOU ARE DIVINE."

This Divine You or Higher Self or Non-Physical Self has great purpose. You are the bird choosing your direction, but you Higher Self, it is the wind beneath your wings. In general, all people have their own unique expression of the Divine Self. However, ultimately, we are One in light.

There are many important things the Higher Self wants you to know. When you tune in, all these loving messages can be received. For now, we are going to focus on them one at a time. In this way, you can develop not only a deeper understanding of the Divine You, you can also engage in a productive relationship with this infinitely intelligent Self.

Your Higher Self wants to:


The Divine You had a goal when you came into this world and is always ready to accomplish it. Even though you are physical and have conscious thought, your Higher Self is continually prompting you to stay on the path of growth. That was the agreement.

You are an eternal Being, ever expanding. When our life experience brings Spiritual growth or maturity, your Higher Self is expanded. All That IS is expanded. In other words, our life experience offers wonderful opportunities to come closer to our Source; to God. That is always our Divine intent.

You know all the drama issues -- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual -- you are experiencing, well they are designed to help you meet your life's contract. Drama, or contrast to who you are, creates a clear intention for you to move toward your goal. It teaches you about who you are, what you want in this life and lovingly directs you on that path.

And guess what?

You can always change the game plan you originally intented when you decided to come into this life. Free Will is just that FREE! A spiritual contract is merely like creating a marketing plan for your business. You layout guidelines and considerations, but you do leave room for change and flexibility. As you live and learn, new options for life experience and growth come into play. And your Higher Self is totally on your side, ready to help.

Think of your Higher Self as your own personal Life Coach, diligently guiding you to make the best choices for YOU - now and going forward.

Your Higher Self communicates through your feeling place, your intuition, your visions, your inner voice, your dreams, your inspirations.

Stop and listen.

In light,
Maggie Kalas

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who Are YOU?

Along my quest to know thyself, many teachers have come my way. By form of humans, animals, spirit guides, Angels, inspiration (my own), books, tapes, channelings, religious teachings, metaphysical sciences, quantum physics, nature, and infinite intelligence.

One key question: "Who Am I?", has often been anwswered with reference to as my "Higher Self."

So, what does that mean-- "Higher Self"?

Here is what I've got so far...

Your Higher Self is the most perfect form of "YOU" that exists in the universe.

It is the “I AM” of who you are.
It is your infinite being; the reflection of your God self.
It is pure positive energy.
It is supreme intelligence.
It is your connection to Source.
It is always guiding you on your journey through life.
Its guidance manifests itself in your life in many subtle ways: as a still small voice, as vivid images and pictures, as flashes of insight and feelings, as intuition and knowingness.

As you awaken to it and follow its loving guidance, you expand; raising your vibration higher, which also elevates the resonance of the plant and the universe, ultimately giving glory to God, our creator.

Gulp! Can't say much more than that right now.

More to follow...