Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy NOW!

In truth, TIME is only an illusion. It is a structure we collectively agree upon in most of our human societies. So whether or not you recognize that NOW is the only moment there is, which it IS, humanity still moves about in a world that follows a linear timeline to what it experiences. Not that there is anything wrong with putting all your ducks in a row. It is what it is. In fact, in this ever expanding MOMENT, the real miracle is that all the ducks are actually one. With that in mind, I extend a deep GRATITUDE for the magnificent ripples of this eternal moment... for when we see the NOW through the eyes of pure LOVE, it is always BLESSED and we are always ONE. HAPPY NOW!

With love always, Magsjoy

Thursday, December 5, 2013

So Here I am... Let Me Be

The other day my daughter spotted a ladybug on the dining room table. It was sitting still on the far southeast end; nearly spotless. In my highest wisdom, I suggested we move the bright red darling to my nature alter on the others side of the room. Surely it would like to be there with all the rocks and shells and colorful dried leaves and such? So I did and left it at that.

And then today, as I am walking out of the dining room (where I do much of my work), I see a spot on the end of the table. As I look closer, it is indeed what looks like the same lady bug. It is sitting in the exact spot we initially found him. 

Hmmm. So do you think I left it alone? No! Again I grabbed the big maple leaf off the alter and transported him there on it. Now, I have no expectations. Yet, I am childishly curious if he will venture out to his desired spot on the table. And if this is so... I will let him be.

Lesson: Sometimes we must let things be as they are. Not everything is for our involvement.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Problem-Solving Through Shifting Awareness

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." Albert Einstein

Are you stuck? Are you in your own way? Do you have a situation that is not resolving?

If you want something to change, if you want the energy to move forward... before taking any action, you must shift your state of being. Change is not something that you reach for, it is something that you allow. Shifting your perspective, raising your vibration, or opening to a new level of awareness happens right where you stand.

Positive change comes when you tune into a higher frequency. Begin with love. Love breaks all barriers. It strips away the illusion and reveals the truth. Problems are solvable when you let love be your lens. Make peace with where you are and let the light of love illuminate the answers you seek.