Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Prayer of Jabez...Divine or Evil?

The Prayer of Jabez…divine wisdom or evil manipulation?

Well, it seems that there is a mixed view out there of whether this book is good or laced with poison. Based on several negative reviews I found on the Internet (within hundreds of positive ones), the same sinking and fearful comments came through: they were suspicious of the author’s motives and the authenticity of the information.

Apparently, this book, and the author’s ministry, have expanded greatly since the book came out in 2000. The author attributes these blessings from his life’s devotion to God and praying the Prayer of Jabez. The critics balk that this book focuses only on “The Prayer of Jabez” and that the author declares it a key to not only praying but receiving God's Blessings. They protest to his implication that by reading his book and praying this prayer daily, you will receive the blessings of God...like Jabez. And, that although he quotes from the Bible, it is taken out of context and that he does not emphasize actually reading the Bible.

Okay, let me back track a minute. This book came to me recently from a dear friend who, as a motivational speaker on the many ways to be happy, is known for his excellent discernment. His book came to him by a colleague who greatly admires his work. I am confident to guess that the book came to her by someone who thought highly of her. It seems to be a book that comes to you or you want to give based on good intentions. Just by that nature, this book seems to hold a kind of spiritual energy that spreads by the momentum of joy... and not cynicism.

My perspective: Like my speaker friend, I do a lot of personal development and spiritual reading, including the Bible. Many of the books I read are metaphysical and speak of unseen things and the power of the universe and God’s love. Many people, like me, seek God outside of the box, looking for the miracles in the living moments of life and through those who are inspired. And, from the success of the Secret, a bestselling book and movie this year about the Universal Law of Attraction, people are really interested in understanding the nature of God and the workings of Spirit in everyday life. This would explain why these types of books are selling like crazy.

Back to Jabez; this life-changing book is tiny in size and has only 90 pages. Its main purpose is to examine a prayer that randomly appears in the Bible, of which jumped out to someone as a viable clue from God on how to pray and receive Blessings. He felt that God brought this to him; revealing not that the prayer itself was the only way to Blessings, but that it was in the essence of the prayer that gave it its power: Blessings come when you willing put yourself into God's hands.

The Prayer of Jabez
And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying,
“Oh, that You would bless me indeed,
And enlarge my territory,
And that You would keep me from evil,
That I may not cause pain!”
So God granted him what he requested.
1 Chronicles 4:10(NKJV)

The prayer in a nutshell:

Bless me,
Increase me,
Use me,
Protect me,
Direct me.”

This sounds like the basis of a simple, yet effective prayer. Its easy; just fill in the blanks.

For a nation that is in conflict about God, I would say that it is a Blessing in itself for this little book to sell millions of copies. Even that millions of people show an interest in praying. It tells me that we do want to know God and are ready to receive His Blessings. Personally, I don’t see the poison in using this simple prayer as a guideline to open a humble dialogue with God. It is not selfish, but self loving. Its Power is in one thing: God’s Grace

Here's a thought: if the author pushed his readers to read the Bible, perhaps people would have shyed away from this important message about prayer. On the other hand, for those who read this book and incorporate this simple prayer in their daily life, they just might find themselves gravitating to the Bible.

With an open mind and a pure heart, I share this book with you. It is my hope that God blesses you, increases your territory, works miracles through you, protects you from harm and guides you to His kingdom of peace and unending joy.

One catch, you have to ask God first!

In light,


P.S. I also recommend reading the Bible; it is a very good book!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Everyday

Why wait until one day a year to fully bring gratitude into your heart and mind? Why wait for just one meal to give thanks for the bounty? Why wait to gather with friends and family to share in blessings?

Thanksgiving can be an approach we take everyday. No matter what your circumstances, we all have something to be thankful for. By maintaining an attitude of gratitude everyday, your life will become one big celebration!

When you give thanks...your thanks will give back!

In appreciation,


P.S. Thank you to Google for making it possible to share our thoughts to the world so easily!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

12 Paths to Light

The following article came to me through my subscription to Success.com. Although there are many terrific articles written by many authors, this one just jumped out at me. I really like her insights about the 12 Paths of Light, as they are practical and real choices we can all make for a better us and a better planet.

12 Paths to Light

The higher energies of light in Earth's rising frequencies require us to re-calibrate the body-mind and to do it now. This means finding delicate points of balance to ground ourselves in these new energies.

These 12 paths are only a few of infinite possibilities, but they are known to work. See which of these paths you are presently walking and which suit you best. Each and all are able to restore the mind, heal the body and evolve the spirit into the higher awareness that offers itself to us now.

1. The Path of the Body.

Use all of your senses--sight, sound, feeling, taste and smell--to fully apprehend the beauty of the physical world and your own body. The sensory mechanisms in the human nervous system, when serene, are perfectly attuned to the Earth's frequencies, so her powers of healing and growth are also yours. If your soul permits the healing of your body, any illness, heartbreak, confusion or circumstance can by natural law, desire and intention be healed.

Illness and injury, according to the late psychic diagnostician Edgar Cayce, are the result of vibrational discord caused by destructive thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs. Restore your frequencies to optimal levels by spending time in nature or imagining a natural environment in your mind. Clear your thoughts, envision an outdoor setting, wait patiently, and spiritual intuition will show you how to heal yourself and resolve any question, issue or challenge.

Speed up the oscillation of your atoms into higher frequencies and you will resurrect the body into spirit, Cayce said. This is the key to all healing.
Several self-healing techniques are described below. Whether you walk outdoors or enjoy a landscape in your mind, sensory experience of nature is your conduit to Spirit and will re-calibrate your body-mind to the new energies of Light in Earth.

2. The Path of the Mind.

This is the path of the disciplined seeker able to descend into alert awareness of the still, small voice and bring its insights back into the conscious mind. While intellectual study, creative endeavor and meditative exercise like t'ai chi, qi gong, running and walking can and do stimulate creative insights, consistent and dependable access to the deeper, integrated awakened mind is best gained through the regular practice of meditation.

Meditation disciplines the busy, thinking mind, awakens the mind to self, others and God, and evolves consciousness like nothing else can. Visit The Sanctuary page of www.EagleLife.com to learn how to meditate. When possible, meditate with others to build inner awareness and expand your frequencies of consciousness. Notice how your body feels after meditation. Other people will notice differences, too, as you gain clarity of mind and refine your life.

3. The Path of the Spirit.

In addition to spiritual study done alone, it's helpful to join a study group, church, mosque or temple to spend time with other seekers of light. You won't find perfection in yourself or them, but you will sense the presence of light. If you live or work with chaotic, destructive people, compare these two groups and their effect on you. The more time you spend with coherent, light-seeking people, the more light you will absorb and want to absorb.

Above all, seek the light in yourself, the Light of which you are made. Let nothing get in the way of your communion with this Light, as it is your best and highest guide. It will show you the way to all you seek and need. Purifying and perfecting self to intensify this light is why you are. When it is brilliant and strong, you will be a light to all seekers of light and able to illuminate others.

4. The Path of the Family.

Behaviors conditioned in infants and children generalize from the family to life outside of it. For example, a love-hate dynamic in one's family of origin (if not reconditioned) patterns love-hate relationships with other people and the world.

Everyone has destructive patterns of behavior, such as aggressively engaging in conflict or running away from it. When we turn our attention inward to observe our modes of behavior, the busy mind quiets itself and allows the core self's observer to see with the eyes of the soul.
We may be surprised at what we find out about self, but because we are looking through higher eyes, discovery is completely or relatively painless. We learn how to love without expectations and conditions. When we love openly and freely, we become more tolerant and accepting of ourselves and others. We are able to walk in their shoes and understand their experience of life. Peace reigns, forgiveness arises, conflicts resolve and loving kindness reverberates into the world. Everyone joins our beloved family.

5. The Path of Love.

Getting along better with others engenders the energy of self-love that transports us into spiritual light. Recognizing ourselves as pure, perfect light and love discernibly increases self-trust, self-confidence and the freedom to be who we really are.

If pain or anger has closed your heart to yourself or others, take a few moments right now to re-open your heart. Find a comfortable place to sit down, allow your eyes to gently close, and begin to follow the quiet movement of your breath in and out of your body. Take slow, steady breaths until your body relaxes and your thoughts begin to disappear.

In your mind's eye, use all of your senses to become aware of your pure, perfect heart. If it needs to be healed, ask what it needs and give this if possible. If not, promise to serve your heart later on. Next, bring white light into your heart until it opens fully. Allow light to flow throughout your body and into whatever caused it to close.

Once your inner light is strong and powerful, send it to loved ones and anywhere else that seems appropriate. Notice how radiating love and light restores your own body, mind and spirit. Create a landmark (a word, image, concept or body sensation) describing how it feels to be open-hearted. Evoke this later on to re-create your present state of mind and re-open your heart.
Check in with your heart often to see what it needs. Always give it what it needs. If you are heart-sick, so is your life and everyone around you.

6. The Path of Sound.

Before each meditation, chant OM or HU. Notice the peace and mental clarity generated by these "seed sounds" of All That Is. Your vocal chords are like musical instruments, with your body serving as the resonating cavity. When you sustain a beautiful sound, harmony reverberates through your being and restores your frequencies to optimal levels.

The power of sound was known to all ancient cultures and is now being brought to the West by Hindu and Buddhist meditation teachers. But sound need not be restricted to meditation. Whenever you experience a sense of discord, very quietly and gently chant OM or HU under your breath. Others won't hear you, and you will feel the difference.

7. The Path of Culture.

We tend to assume that because someone is a member of a particular culture (ethnic, political or religious) that he or she shares the attitudes and beliefs of others in that culture. This may be so to some extent, but deep inside each of us is unique and different, a composite of thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs arising from our personalities, life experiences, past life experiences, and the maturity of our souls. On top of all these differences, our shifting states of consciousness at times make us different from ourselves!

Paradoxically, we are all alike. We want and need love, food, shelter and success in expressing our unique gifts and talents. Understanding that we are all the same, yet being open to each person's uniqueness frees us of the dark, heavy burden of expectation, judgment and separation, which disconnects us from ourselves and the Light. When we are open to everyone, we are fully open to spiritual light.

Psychological conditioning can be stubborn and take a lifetime to release. But doing so is well worth the effort, because people who feel accepted are able to shine their light and make creative contributions to society. Peace with ourselves and others enables us to synergistically learn from everyone.
We know intellectually, instinctively and intuitively that the only way out of conflict, violence and war is mutual respect and understanding. This is also the only path to Creative Light.

8. The Path of Prayer. Mystics have always said what scientific research has proved in hundreds of studies done in the past 30 years: Prayer heals and works miracles. When we pray for the highest good of a person, culture or nation, currents of light intensify within us and flow outward to the recipient, along the way healing us as well.

Laboratory studies on seedlings have shown that undirected prayer works best. We don't need to envision a specific kind of healing taking place. We just send light and imagine the person happy, healed and whole. The Light knows what to do and does it.

9. The Path of Reconciliation.

Alcoholics Anonymous, the 1930s epiphany of Bill W., has saved millions of people's lives through its use of certain spiritual practices. One of the most important is making amends to people who have been hurt by the words or deeds of the alcoholic. Forgiving self and others and making an active, sustained attempt to reconcile relationships frees of us of the past so we can move forward with a light heart and quick, happy step.

Other people may not want to forgive what you have done, and they might not be nice about it. This doesn't matter, except that you may feel hurt for awhile. If this occurs, it won't kill you. What does kill us is the heavy weight of guilt, shame and blame. Once we ask forgiveness, we can forgive ourselves, let go and let God.

If your attempt at reconciliation is not well-received, go to meditation for healing. Once you are quiet and serene, funnel the energy of your hurt, disappointment or anger into a box and wrap it with paper and ribbon. Envision the altar of God and place your gift on the altar. Ask God to irradiate it with light. Walk away and know that it is done. You are now free of this aspect of the past. Do this as many times as needed. Chances are that once will be enough.

10. The Path of Breath.

In the midst of any kind of hurt, fatigue, illness or despair, take five and focus on your steady, even breathe. Allow your breath to relax your body and mind.

If you are in physical pain, use your breath to draw air from the Earth into the bottoms of your feet. Breathe this energy up into your spine and out the top of your head into the sky.
After a minute or two, begin to draw Light from the crown of your head down your spine, through the bottoms of your feet into the Earth. This Light will cleanse your body-mind and raise your vibrations into a more harmonious state. Do this for as long as you like. This is a wonderful way to reduce physical pain and restore the mind and spirit.

11. The Path of Peace.

Peace must be attained through understanding, said Ralph Waldo Emerson. The best way to understand is to instill peace in self and in its clear perspective observe your own thoughts, words and deeds and correct them as necessary.

Meditation tames the fight-or-flight response that surges adrenaline through the body and ravages it with stress. Gradually, we react slower and with less intensity to internal and external stress.

Once our psycho-physiology grows more peace, we are able to address past conditioning. The Buddhist art of stopping reverses destructive emotional responses. When your inner reptile strikes out, catch it in the act! Apologize to the other person or persons right away, even in the case of mutual fault.

The art of stopping connects the cognitive mammalian mind with the instinctual reptilian brain. The inner reptile hesitates for the few milliseconds it takes for the cognitive mind to intercede and defuse the defensive reaction. You will live happier and longer once these two layers of brain cells cooperate for the sake of peace.

12. The Path of Light.

Because the Light of Love diffracts into the electromagnetic wave spectrum of light, we know that everything in this universe is light. Conceiving of light as life's governing principle provides a guiding star by which to live.

Take a few moments right now to quiet your thinking mind and meditate on the following questions. Does your primary relationship bring to mind a sense of lightness or dark? Is your body filled with light? Your mind? Your spirit?

You can bring to mind any person, relationship or circumstance and ask if it is filled with darkness or light. Your intuitive in-sight reveals what needs light and what does not. Using this spiritual gift naturally awakens and evolves us into beings of Light.

Henry Miller, the beat-generation writer and artist, described our journey out of darkness into light. He said that, "Life has no other discipline to impose if we would but realize it than to accept life unquestioningly. Everything we shut our eyes to, everything we run away from, everything we deny, denigrate, or despise, serves to defeat us in the end.

"What seems nasty, painful or evil can become a source of beauty, joy and strength, if faced with an open mind. Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such."
May the Light be in you and with you always, as you shine ever brighter in this Season of Light.

Thanks, Judith, for considering life from a window of light!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Raising Consciousness?

Back in the summer of 2005, I was a committee chair for a community endeavor called "Consciousness in the Courtyard." A group of local residents organized a forum as a platform to express fresh ideas, inspiring thoughts and creative solutions. We held this monthly gathering in a tiny, yet charming courtyard nestled between the main street's stores and some office buildings on the back street. There was a water fountain, a lovely maple tree and a bunch of enthusiastic individuals all ready to bring their personal voice to the program. Sadly, it lasted for only four months.

The first gathering started with an uplifting speaker (Jim Ryan) addressing the high points of choosing happiness in daily life. Although it was greatly received by the crowd of 25 or more residents and community neighbors, the visionary of the forum, a local lawyer, preferred agendas like racism in our community, Constitutional Rights, a counter-cultural revolution, Generation X/Y icon, and raising self-actualizing children. As the next couple of months moved on, a mixed view was stirring on what "raising consciousness" meant in what was to be a non-judgmental, apolitical forum.

The final gathering was hosted by its creator, which turned out to be an interesting close. The Cherokee Indian in him came through with sage smudging along with some retro tunes on the piano as a "Beat Generation" hold over from the sixties. Our meeting then concluded with him passing paper to the crowd and asking them to put down their nationality and the number one issue they thought needed attention not only in our community but in America.

The reason I am blogging this is because while filing recently, I came across the folder with the responses. It seemed to me important data that should be share with more than just a small handful of attendees at that meeting. So, here is what was anonymously posted on each paper as the heritage and number one issue:

  • German - RELIGION (corruption was the initial response then crossed out)

  • Irish American/Spanish - FEAR

  • Greek - SEXUAL ABUSE

  • Irish/Spanish/Scottish/Cherokee/English - COMPLACENCY



  • German/English - RAMPANT MATERIALISM


  • French/Filipino - FREEDOM

I close my blog with a poem sent in by a local artist who never attended in person but still wanted to share her perspective.

By Victoria Twomey

from the center of every flower, everywhere
something greater gazes out

it looks up at night
from the top of a rain forest canopy
and sees the crackling of its own reflection in the liquid pupil of heaven

it looks down
from the great height of a homeless dandelion
bent and battered, struggling to raise itself up from a sidewalk crack
and sees a million stories beginning and ending

looking out, from death adorned
it sees the faces of all who mourn through the flames of the funeral pyre
the iris of its vision closing as each blossom is consumed

no matter . . .

your garden has a thousand eyes

always waiting for the awakening -
that exquisite moment when eyes widen in surprise to see
in the shadowed heart of a simple flower
a round and minute window
behind which lies a sizzling galaxy
crisscrossed with shooting stars

We humans certainly are a mixed bag of nuts. Isn't the diversity delicious!

Keeping the light on,



Monday, September 24, 2007


I have decided to go back to a subject I think is still important to explore more deeply. With all the talk about the Law of Attraction being “The Secret” to ultimate happiness, I have found that people are still confused, finding that there is a huge ‘gap’ in how it all really works. Although the Law of Attraction is one of several viable universal laws, meaning it is in action whether you recognize it or not, there are still two that come into play when considering manifesting your desired goals.

The second crucial law is Deliberate Creation, meaning you choose to focus in a particular way, which works in conjunction with the Law of Attraction, as to achieve a purposeful result.

However, it is the third that is most significant of all. The Law of Allowing is the actualization of the desire into our physical reality. First you know what you want, then you bring it into focus with intent, finally, you must allow it in by being in a receptive state when it comes.

"Oh, that should be easy," you say. "After all, why would I not be ready to receive the thing I truly desire?" It is not that you don’t want to receive it; it’s that you are unaware of how receiving it actually works. You may not know that you not in "alignment" to receive it. So you think this "stuff" doesn't work.

What the Law of Allowing means is that you must bring yourself into vibrational alignment with that which you desire. Being ready means you must resonate with it before it shows up. Just wanting it is not enough. Just seeing it is not enough. Hmmmmm..now it may sound a bit more complicated than it actually is. Once you understand how to align your vibration, it is all really quite simple!

Most often when we want something in our lives; whether it is a job, a relationship, financial status or health, we let ourselves become scattered in our thinking and in our emotions. "I want this or that, but I will never, or I don't have, or I can see affording it, or there is no one yet." We feel sad or lonely or resentful or anxious or doubtful or impatient. Subsequently, because of these thought/emotional roller coasters, we find that we are getting more of what we don’t want rather than what we do want.

Again, understanding how to achieve what it is you are deliberately creating, via the Law of Attraction, is the difference between seeing it realized or not. The key element here is to know your job in the process. You have to learn “how” to be an "allower". And your emotions are the key to lead the way, if you learn how to follow their cues.

Let’s look at this from a straightforward view.

  • You are vibration.
  • Your thoughts are vibration.
  • You receive, discern and transmit vibrational signals.
  • Your physical five senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste) are used to decipher our ongoing standpoint at every moment in our life experience
  • Your emotions are a sixth sense that is giving you feedback to your point of attraction
  • The Law of Attraction is based on 'like vibrations attracting like vibrations'
  • Your thoughts attract other thoughts that ultimately manifests into physical representations of the thoughts (both wanted and unwanted)
  • Your emotions respond to your thoughts offering a signal as to how close or far you are to your desired thing, state of being, goal, relationship, etc.
  • Vibrationally, there are only two directions you can head: one is closer to what you want and the other is further from what you want
  • You can segment your thoughts or focus to a desired outcome
  • Your emotions are a barometer or compass to point you in the direction to achieve alignment with whatever your desired “goal” is.

Tip: You know you are heading in the direction of your goal when you “feel” some kind of relief (or better feeling) based upon the thoughts you are thinking or your focus in any given moment.

For example, let’s look at sight as one of the senses of focus. If you are looking at photographs of an ex-lover who deeply hurt you and you find that you now feel sad or angry, (vibrationally) you are, at that moment, heading away from the kind of relationship you truly desire. Your sad or angry emotions are like a warning. “You are heading in the wrong direction!” Now if you ignore the warning, watch out! The Law of Attraction is still at play and will attract more thoughts that match those feelings and you most likely will snowball in an undesired direction. If you ignore that emotion too long, you will not like what you get in the next relationship, even if you desired something better. By remaining aligned with the old relationship, you may get a different face at a different place, but you get the same thing (a bad relationship).

Now if you look at photographs of happy couples, and you feel hopeful that there is someone out there for you, (vibrationally) you are well on your way to finding that desired partner. If you just kept hanging onto hopeful thoughts, maybe even got excited at the possibilities of your desired new relationship, you will eventually be attracted to someone who matches that new vibration (which is what you truly desire).

Another tip: The more passion or excitement you feel about the receiving of a desire, the quicker it will show up.

It is not just the thought; it is actually the kind of emotion that the thought conjures up in you that matters most. The Law of Attraction does the rest. Your job is to keep the best feeling thought going-- deliberately and mindfully. It is not any particular action that determines your end result, but rather it is ultimately your alignment with the end result that calls you to take action. It is a natural progression when you allow yourself to take the path of least resistance.

Final tip: The practice of meditation brings you in a state of least resistance. Meaning, in a meditative state you are not attaching yourself to any particular thoughts or feelings. Therefore, you are in perfect state of Allowing.

Closing Note: I will explore more about how to use your emotions to guide you to achieve your goals in my upcoming MagsJOY Blogs. All comments are welcome. Even those like one I got a few weeks ago that said "what you are doing is fake, either you are fooling yourself or deliberately fooling others...shame." What I realize is that I cannot please every reader. That is the great diversity of this life experience. Especially when it comes to Blogging on the Internet.

My perspective, as I consider life from a window of light, is not to impart my beliefs onto anyone, but rather to evoke in the reader contemplative thought on finding their own personal truth. That is what every spiritual teacher has offered me. And I am thankful for it.

Keeping it light,



P.S. My teachings about universal laws are derived from Abraham-Hicks.

Monday, September 10, 2007

MEDITATION: Awareness vs. Positive Thinking

The thinking mind is a precious, unique gift to us humans. It has power beyond our own comprehension. However, if unmonitored, it can also become disjointed; ramblings of thoughts tossed about in our heads. States of confusion, being overwhelmed and even repetitive fear-based thinking can easily become a pattern in an uncensored mind.

Thinking is not the same as awareness. Awareness is the observer of the thoughts. It is the guard on duty 24/7. Watching, monitoring yet not judging. Awareness understands the importance and power of thoughts. It is there to instantly flash the light on them so that they can be seen clearly. It is not concerned for the thought itself as a reality, but merely illuminates the illusion of the thought. Awareness transmutes the confusion. It sorts out the details for a calmer approach. It pushes the forward button when the drama is stuck on replay.

Meditation promotes awareness. It doesn't try to change your thinking. It offers a way of being mindful to your thoughts. To deliberately become the observer; a participant in the process. Awareness is like standing on an overpass watching hundreds of cars pass on a freeway. You see them pass at different speeds. You take notice of color and shape. You make no attachment to any particular car. You just look as they move swiftly by, being replaced by more and more cars. That is how our thoughts operate. Hundreds upon hundreds of thoughts move through our minds each day. When you meditate, you simply become aware of how many there are until it no longer matters. You realize you are not your thoughts, but the one who watches them... and even the one who eventually gets to choose them.

This is not to say that you should choose to "think positive." Because positive thinking is a thought in itself. Therefore, you might find yourself caught in the web of the mind, yet again. Positive thinking will automatically occur when you put into practice the art of awareness. Through the stillness of mediation, you will discover your natural state of mind, which is nothing short of positive.

Just a thought for you to meditate on!


MagsJOY Blog

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Secret To You...Video

The Secret...Your Emotions

The Secret about the Law of Attraction has been out for quite a while now. Have you tapped into its power yet?

You are a magnet; your thoughts, your feelings, your attitude. Put all of your energy into what your heart truly desires. If you believe, you will achieve!

If you are still trying to understand how to truly apply the Law of Attraction in your life, you may want to read Ester and Jerry Hicks new book "The Astonishing Power of Emotions". They have been sharing insights into the Universal Laws for over 25 years.

Please feel free to share this video with a friend. It is a great tool for manifesting your dreams!

Keep the faith!


MagsJOY Blog

Saturday, September 1, 2007


The following wise philosophy came to me from a pleasantly unexpected source...


When things in your lives seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 cups of coffee.

A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was.

The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with an unanimous "yes."

The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar effectively filling the empty space between the sand. The students laughed.

"Now," said the professor as the laughter subsided, "I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life. The golf balls are the important things--your family, your children, your health, your friends and your favorite passions---and if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.

The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house and your car.

The sand is everything else---the small stuff.

"If you put the sand into the jar first," he continued, "there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff you will never have room for the things that are important to you.

"Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Play with your children. Take time to get medical checkups. Take your spouse out to dinner. Play another 18. There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal. Take care of the golf balls first---the things that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.

"One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee represented. The professor smiled. "I'm glad you asked.It just goes to show you that no matter how full your life may seem, there's always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend."

...who usually fills his jar with coffee first and then wonders why he has no room for everything else! But there is hope. After all, he took the time to ask a client for a copy who had it posted on their bulletin board.

The beautiful part about life is that every moment of every day is a new opportunity to fill your jar in the most expansive way. It may even take emptying out completely what is not serving your highest good. Then you can fill it with awareness and consideration to what is truly important in your life.



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Flavoring Your Light With Peace

"Light on Earth measured at the quantum level is not a summary of the amount of light and dark parts, but rather the balance of the quotient of what the few light parts are creating for the whole. For instance, a glass of water might contain eight ounces of water, but add a few molecules of flavoring, and the entire glass of water has become "flavored water." Light is like that, where the inter-dimensional properties of the Human who meditates and prays are flavoring the entire earth's vibration."

--This is from the post script to the Kryon channelling given at the
Society of Enlightenment and Transformation
at the U.N. in NY by Lee Carroll on March 2, 2007.
You can read the entire communication at Kryon At the United Nations 2007.



Everyday we have the power to stop for even a moment to be still. Not to think excessively or to be a slave to the drama around each thought or to the demands of the external world. We can accomplish great things simply by incorporating "non-doing" on our agenda. I am not talking about "doing nothing." I am talking about doing something more powerful that you could ever do from a physical effort.

By merely intending it before a moment (or more) of meditation or prayer, you will have instantly made a difference on the other side of the planet. Do not underestimate the power of sprinkling a little goodness from your heart out into space. It will eventually seep into the hearts of all humanity. Or more accurately, shift their hearts.

Some might see this symbolic glass of [peace] flavored water as just plain water, unchanged. Just as so many dwell on the unchanged dark places that create drama all over this planet. The flavor of peace may still seem transparent; not there. However, as the sciences have already proven, there is more than meets the eye in the unseen. The "I'll believe it when I can see it" concept can now only be fully appreciated when experienced through alternate perceptions, like heightened senses and intuition.

As those around the world who are held hostage to their pain and suffering begin to crave the sweetness of this collective essence of light (which is infinite), peace on earth will indeed become realized.

Similar to the water metaphor, where it only takes a few molecules of flavor to change the water; it really only takes a few minutes a day of mindfulness to change the world. An experiment I think is worth doing, don't you?

As always, considering life from a window of light,


MagsJOY Blog

Friday, August 24, 2007

Who Turned Off The Light?

[It has been almost four weeks since my last Blog. Sometime since then I blacked out, and have been fumbling around in the dark looking for something light to say...]

Who turned off the light?

Ever since I was a wee-child, I was overly emotional. Ask anyone in my family and they would say my nickname was “the cry baby.” It seemed I always felt weepy and insecure, holding onto my mother. The expression “she is attached to her mother’s apron strings” was readily used to describe me. She was my comfort; my light. She beamed it to me in such a way that I did not want to be away from it. And then one day, the ties were suddenly cut, like a big invisible scissor came from the sky with one snip.

Who turned off the light?

Did you ever go from a bright lit room to a sudden pitch blackness; complete and utter darkness? You tense up, a mixture of fearful thoughts run though your mind. You reach out franticly into the abyss to find nothing. You feel absolutely alone. As you attempt to move forward you are frozen with uncertainty, unsure as to which direction is appropriate to find the light. Panic sets in and you grope along, feeling completely vulnerable in the unknown.

Who turned off the light?

When she died in my 24th year, an unexplainable feeling of darkness submerged over me. It was in this isolated place that I lived my life for a while. Struggling, desperately reaching out, frightened, and despite my efforts to find the light again, I felt vulnerable, alone and lost.

Who turned off the light?

About eleven years later, a small beam of light began to show itself to me. It came in glimpses, sudden flashes before my eyes and often as dreams while I slept (many included my mother and others that had passed away). Its intensity increased over the next few years, revealing places in the darkness I had never seen before. A small light emerged at the end of my tunnel and I began to live for it.

Who turned off the light?

My desire to know more and understand myself was illuminated with this new light. Various metaphysical type books, including those about reality, angels, God/Spirit, which I would not have considered reading previously, were now piling high on my nightstand, each being devoured for the next. Mystical occurrences fascinated me and the daunting question of “who am I” was now my life’s quest to answer.

Who turned off the light?

My childhood fear of God was slowly being replaced by the love of God. Something had changed in me. Even though only a portion of my sight was cleared, I undoubtedly knew within my heart that I was not alone at all. And I also knew there was light, even in the darkness. After my studies in Christian teachings, energy therapies, Angel healing and metaphysical laws, a realization of the light in me began to emerge.

Who turned off the light?

My youthful feeling that my mother was the light was only an illusion. Sure she beamed it to me, but she was not its Source. And now all these years later, as Reiki Master and facilitator of light, I understand how to beam it on purpose; to be a channel of it and to call upon it in times of darkness. I know I am not its Source, but merely a receiver and transmitter of eternal light.

Who turned off the light?

At forty-five, I find that I am still highly emotional. Now, however, I recognize that this is not a detriment but rather a tool. My sensitivity to the energy around me helps me to see in the dark and be of service in the light. My emotions are like electrical impulses that are flipping my perception switch from crystal clear to murky to total blindness. When I am feeling angry or sad, the light dims and is an indication that I must take action to increase the wattage to shine clarity once again.

Who turned off the light?

As I continue to blink in and out from light to darkness to light, there is a part of me that is beginning to understand this is the way it is supposed to be—forever contracting and expanding. It is liberating to recognize that only I can maintain the lighthouse that is “me.” It takes daily work, which is not always easy but it is light work. And I am not alone at it. It is a team effort. We are all co-creators of light, connected to its infinite Source, which radiates through us in every area of the human experience.

"I" turned off the light… and I can turn the light on again (and again and again).

I just realized that enlightenment is not something you have to search for since I know that the light is already within us.

Enlightenment is when you have mastered "how" to keep the light on (and still be in your body, of course)!


Maggie Kalas
MagsJOY Blog

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Living The Laws of Spirit

Living an authentic life is very possible. However, how many can truly say they are? If you want to successfully achieve a state of being that is centered, joy-filled, focused, deliberate, honest, natural and wise, you first have to understand that there is more to you then just flesh and blood. The truth is just like the human body is made up of many parts, so is the unseen part of you. Each playing a significant role in your well-being. Each are powerful, however, all must work together for you to have an enlightened life experience. Just like an athlete can focus on each muscle group to create the body they desire, so can we build on each area of our Spirit to illuminate our true selves. The same principles apply for strengthening your Spirit as they do for keeping physically fit--it takes willingness, dedication and practice. The following offers a guideline to understanding the nature and power of our Spirit. You may want to keep a copy handy as a reminder of what you need to focus on for the day or the week. (I know I need to work on all of them!)

The Laws of Spirit
From the book by Dan Millman

THE LAW OF BALANCE: Finding the Middle Way
If gravity is the glue that holds the universe together, balance is the key that unlocks its secrets. Balance applies to our body, mind, and emotions, tall levels of our being. It reminds us that anything we do, we can overdo and underdo, and that if the pendulum of our lives or habits swings too far to one side, it will inevitably swing to the other.

THE LAW OF CHOICES: Reclaiming Our Power
We are both burdened and blessed by the great responsibility of free will---the power of choice. Our future is determined, in large part, by the choices we make now. We cannot always control our circumstances, but we can and do choose our response to whatever arises. Reclaiming the power of choice, we find the courage to live fully in the world.

THE LAW OF PROCESS: Taking Life Step-by-Step
Process transforms any journey into a serious of small steps, taken one by one, to reach any goal. Process transcends time, teaches patience, rests on a solid foundation of careful preparation, and embodies trust in our unfolding potential

THE LAW OF PRESENCE: Living in the Moment
Time is a paradox, stretching between a “past” and “future” that have no reality except in our own minds. The idea of time is a convention of thought and language, a social agreement. Here is the deeper truth: We have only this moment.

THE LAW OF COMPASSION: Awakening Our Humanity
The universe does not judge us; it only provides consequences and lessons and opportunities to balance and learn through the law of cause and effect. Compassion is the recognition that we are doing the best we can within the limits of our current beliefs and capabilities.

THE LAW OF FAITH: Trusting in Spirit
Faith is our direct link to universal wisdom, reminding us that we know more than we have heard or read or studied—that we have only to look, listen, and trust the love and wisdom of the Universal Spirit working through us all.

THE LAW OF EXPECTATION: Expanding Our Reality
Energy follows thought; we move toward, but not beyond, what we can imagine. What we assume, expect, or believe creates and colors our experience. By expanding our deepest beliefs about what is possible, we change our experience of life.

Integrity means living and acting in alignment with spiritual law and with our highest vision, despite impulses to the contrary. From the heart of integrity, we recognize, accept, and express our authentic interior reality, inspiring others not with words, but by our example.

THE LAW OF ACTION: Moving Into Life
No matter what we feel or know, no matter what our potential gifts or talents, only action brings them to life. Many of us understand concepts such as commitment, courage, and love, but we truly know only when we can do. Doing leads to understanding, and action turns knowledge to wisdom.

THE LAW OF CYCLES: Dancing to Nature’s Song
The world of nature moves to rhythms, patterns, and cycles—the passing of the seasons, the movement of the stars, the ebb and flow of the tides. The seasons do not push one another; neither do clouds race the wind across the sky. All things happen in their own good time—rising and falling and rising and falling and rising like ocean waves, in the circles of time.

THE LAW OF SURRENDER: Embracing a Higher Will
Surrender means accepting this moment, this body, and this life with open arms. Surrender involves getting out of our own way and living in accord with a higher will, expressed as the wisdom of the heart. Far more than passive acceptance, surrender uses every challenge as a means of spiritual growth and expanded awareness.

THE LAW OF UNITY: Remembering Our Connection

We appear on Earth as separate beings with diverse destinies; but as each separate raindrop is a part of the sea, so are we each part of the Ocean of Awareness, the Body of God. Find love and inner peace deep within the highest truth that we are one Family. Leave behind the baggage of fear, envy, and resentment; fly aloft on wings of understanding, to enter the boundless Land of Compassion.

Maggie Kalas

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Change is Possible

“An atom that is ready to rearrange itself in a particular way and give off light of a particular frequency can in fact be provoked into doing so by the arrival in its vicinity of another particle of light of the same frequency.” --Albert Einstein

We are energy. We are light particles. We are atoms. When we give clear intent to change, we activate a signal that transmits to every single cell in our bodies as well as to every particle in the universe. And although we may not see it right away, an immediate change takes place. This is where the universal laws come into play. Your clear signal (your intent to change) attracts like frequencies. It is what makes your physical reality come to pass.

We are continually transforming ourselves, whether we are consciously or unconsciously doing it. We, like the universe, are forever expanding and contracting. We are vibration, always transmitting a frequency. Just like Einstein’s theory, when we are ready to make a change, just the mere thought of it sets off a series of events. As we give focus to anything, we begin to resonate with it. We become a magnet to it and it shows up in either our inner world or outer world depending upon the request.

For example, let’s say you decide to change the car you drive. You begin to bring your focus on all the automobiles that pass you by. You notice them in the parking lot, while on the highway and even on television ads. Then your desire for a particular car becomes clear. Perhaps it is a BMW, like the 3x I recently leased. Suddenly, every where you look you see BMWs. Soon after you see more and more of the particular model you like. You consider cost and financing. But most of all you want to test drive it. You experience how good it feels when you sit in it; even enjoy the smell of the new leather. You thrill at the sensation of the drive. Your attention to this car is more intense than any other time you think about a car. If you maintain this clear focus, without any resistance, you soon find yourself driving out of the dealership with the car of your dreams. And then, to your surprise, everybody and their uncle seems to be driving around in your style car.

Okay, the car seems too superficial. So let’s say you decide to change your attitude from pessimist to optimist. You only want to see the glass half full or even completely full. Your attention becomes drawn to see only the good in people, places and situations. As you do so, the universe rearranges itself just for you. You now find that the people you run into begin to be of that same mind. Good things keep showing up for you. Your decision to have an optimistic attitude now reveals opportunities that weren't there before. It is not that the outside world has actually changed for you. It is that you have transformed yourself to match the part of the world that you have chosen to see. Your vibration rearranged itself, emitting a different frequency which receives a matching signal that shifts your reality.

Change is always possible. What appears impossible is only your distorted view from a place of resistance. Once you allow yourself to align with the change, the change happens. What is the key? It takes pure intent…and unwavering faith in the process.

"As we become what we desire, what we desire becomes us."

Maggie Kalas, MagJOY Blog, AttitudeLIFT

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Finding balance - at work, home and play

"If gravity is the glue that holds the universe together, balance is the key that unlocks its secrets. Balance applies to our body, mind, and emotions, to all levels of our being. It reminds us that anything we do, we can overdo or underdo, and that if the pendulum of our lives or habits swings too far to one side, it will inevitably swing to the other"

-- from The Laws of Spirit by Dan Milman

I just returned from a girl's road trip to The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. A wonderful getaway from the daily stresses of life to an unknown territory with new faces and new places to explore. We did just that and it was fun. But I am the first to admit that vacations are usually more taxing than relaxing. Our desire to take a break from our overload of responsibilities at home and work, quickly takes the shape of over-eating, drinking and partying and under resting. It is like we are trying to make up for all the days we did not get to do the things we wanted to do during our everyday lives. Then vacation comes and we cram it all in, leaving us even more drained than before we left.

As a meditator, I can appreciate the concept of balance. You do recognize the difference in your stress level when you deliberately stop to just "be" for a while. Even taking 10-20 minutes every morning in the hotel room to just sit and mediate, helped me counter the previous nights heightened euphoria. Actually, incorporating meditation everyday into your routine can significantly reduce stress and fatigue. A great meditation rule of thumb to try is: 10-10-10. Ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes in the afternoon and 10 minutes before bed.

Try it for a week. I guarantee you will begin to notice a change. You will feel more rested, more alert, more calm. In other words, balanced.

And if you keep it up, the next time you take a vacation, you might even feel refreshed when you get home!

P.S. That's me in the picture seeking tranquility at the Cleveland Botanical Garden.

P.S.S. I hightly recommend visiting Cleveland, known as the New American City!

Maggie Kalas, MagsJOY Blog

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shedding Light on Business Leaders

A really good article came my way today that I want to share with you.

It is written by Kenny Moore, co-author of The CEO and the Monk, who has more than 20 years experience with managing change, developing leaders and healing the corporate community. I like his style and have decided to add his Blog site to my "Achieve Your Success" links.

Take a moment to read the following article at his site:

"Choosing Business Leaders with Integrity"
By Kenny Moore
I also invite you to check out my comments below, share this Blog with others and post your own comments.

Greetings, Kenny the Monk –

Your article about integrity was right on the money! Though categorized under business, your core message is totally spiritual. With immoral conduct running rampant in the business world today, it does seem to be a challenge to discern the character and integrity of those at the helm of industry. It demonstrates that there is a blatant disregard to spiritual values and truths.

Your five check points certainly stream right to the heart of what matters. It reminds me of the book, "
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" by Robert Fulghum. Corporate America must have dozed off in that class because it lacks most of points that Flughum makes. I share here a few that speak for themselves:

. Play fair
. Don't hit people.
. Clean up your own mess
. Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody
. When you go out in the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands and stick together.

Unfortunately, what is prevalent instead is an “it’s all about me” attitude, except when something is wrong; then the blame is on everyone else.

Your guidelines for gauging executive credibility come down to this: Common courtesy (to all people). You either have it, or you don’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if a CEO, who talks down to a waiter or his employees, ultimately treats his family and friends the same way.

In Emmet Fox’s “The Sermon on the Mount”, chapter 6, first verse, he illuminates a powerful law for all humanity: Judge not that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. He declares that if any average man understood and believed these words to be true, they would immediately revolutionize their life; turn their everyday conduct inside out.

This is a wake up call to not only the corporate world…but to society in general!

In light,
Maggie Kalas


I further comment that this is merely an observation, not a judgment. There are many good high-level professionals out there, like Kenny expresses about Robert Catell, CEO of Keyspan. His article and my thoughts support a mutual goal to bring integrity and trust back to the workplace. The success of a person is not measured by his position in life, but more by his character and integrity.

P.S. Thank you, Jim Ryan, for sharing this article with me.

by Bessie Stanley
(erroneously attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson)

To laugh often and much;
To win the respect of intelligent people
and the affection of children;
To earn the appreciation of honest critics
and endure the betrayal of false friends;
To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others;
To leave the world a bit better,
whether by a healthy child,
a garden patch or a redeemed social condition;
To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
This is to have succeeded.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Mindfulness and Meditation

Breaking the Chain of Pain

In contemplation of the human experience, one might find that we are like hamsters stuck on the wheel of life. Everyday people all over the world practice suffering in some form—physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually. Some feeling damned from birth. We keep hoping for an ideal lifestyle, a better way of being, only to find ourselves back to square one--unhappy. It is not a conscious behavior; it is unconscious, a vicious cycle that has been a part of our existence from the beginning of mankind. In our constant quest for finding something outside of ourselves to fulfill an empty void inside, we get caught up in the illusion of what is and then we perpetuate a chain of pain. Our hope for happiness turns to despair in a blink of an eye as soon as circumstances darken or attention is brought to our unfulfilled desires.

After reading about the life of Buddha in Deepak Chopra’s new book of the same name, I was fascinated by this one man’s innate desire to figure out the truth; and his courage to find it. I had only known of the master we call Buddha, the enlightened one. The truth is he was a confused man, a fearful human like the rest of us. He had a dysfunctional family, unanswered questions and challenges at every turn. His life represented perhaps the worst of any. Yet, it also revealed that we have the power to change, moment by moment.

Our suffering, just like our pleasures, is like names on a voter’s ballot. You get to choose the one you want. You can even choose a neutral party; the one that is detached from either result. In his quest to stamp out suffering, Buddha discovered it was not only impossible, but more importantly, it was unnecessary. Each play a significant role in our growth. When we release ourselves from attachment to both our pain and pleasure, we can experience life from its purest state. He called it nirvana. No more blindly running on the wheel of life. No more expectations. No more worries. No more fear. No more illusions. In our detachment to everything, we find we want for nothing. Only our infinite self remains.

Not only has our human existence been chasing a phantom life, we have also been asleep at the wheel, clueless to what is really happening. We are ego driven. In other words, we are on autopilot. In denial, we dupe ourselves daily; blaming others for our troubles, convincing ourselves that our unhappiness is the result of some outside source. We are totally ignorant to our own self sabotage.

This naive state reminds me of the plea Jesus made from the cross, literally for those who were to murder him, but metaphorically to all of humanity. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” He was fully awake and knew that all of humanity was sleepwalking; having no clue as to our own light, which really is what connects us all.

How do we escape the trap? How do we snap out of the daze and open our eyes to our fullest potential? Buddha says it is through the ongoing practice of mindfulness and meditation. By bringing stillness to the mind, we spontaneously break the chain of pain. We are illuminated by the peace and joy that already exist in us. And, with this new perspective, we will see that everything else was only a shadow of the truth.

Awakening is a decision. It involves making changes; some big and some small. Some will challenge you, all will enlighten you. Every journey is different, unique as every human. Success is not in the destination, it is in your unique journey. No right or wrong; just the unfolding of awareness.

So where do you begin? Start by spending 10 minutes twice a day just sitting with your eyes closed and breathing. Notice your thoughts. Notice you emotions. Begin to notice life from a place of stillness. Then let me know what you are noticing.

As you embark, remember what Buddha told his disciples,

“Just do your best.”

Maggie Kalas, RM, ATP
AttitudeLift, Take Your Potential to the Next Level

Monday, July 2, 2007

Close Encounters of the Hugging Kind

Another story of synchronicity.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of being at the Book Expo America at the Javits Center in New York City. As one of the largest trade shows in the book publishing business, it was a little overwhelming considering there were over 3,000 vendor booths with more than 35,000 attendees passing through over three days. As someone who has attended many types of trade shows, I thought it was one of the best. The overall vibe was uplifting, and every person we engaged with was friendly and willing to be of service.

My associate, Jim Ryan, who is an author and motivational speaker from Long Island, was featured as one of the authors at their ongoing book signing area. His objective that weekend was to learn as much as he could about traditional publishing, marketing, distribution, sales as well as pitch his book, Simple Happiness: 52 Easy Ways to Lighten Up, to librarians and anyone else who might show an interest. He even did a live BEA Podcast sharing his motivation for writing the book.

The weekend flowed easily from the train ride to our booth to the great people we met to even some unexpected encounters. Synchronicity clearly unfolded, showing us that the universe was working with us or better yet--we were working with the universe. No worries. We had intended an attitude of openness to the unknown and we gratefully received whatever came our way.

Within all the masses, we managed to create a long list of wonderful connections and opportunities. One particular incident stands out and is worth sharing here.

While walking down a steamy 11th Avenue the Friday night after the BEA, Jim and I, hot from the heat and lugging heavy bags, spotted this curiously dapper man crossing the street. He was dressed in khaki slacks, a crisp white man-tailor shirt, and a matching vest with a large pink flower coming out of the breast pocket. Atop of his head was a classic brim hat that gave the impression he was from another era. He was toting a large trunk behind him. As he and his female companion approached us, I could not help but comment to him on how refreshed he looked compared to the rest of us dripping with sweat. He looked like it was 8 o’clock in the morning instead of 5:45 in the evening. He smiled and said, “That’s just the way I indented it to be!”

Since we were all walking in the same direction, Jim took up a conversation with him. It turns out that he was also an author and motivator of sorts who just came from Javits. As they chatted ahead of me now, I could see the back of the truck, which had large chalkboard that said, “Free Hugs Today.” By then the woman with him was walking beside me so we began to converse with one another. She shared some interesting things about the well-dressed fellow who was offering hugs.

Martin Neufeld is his name and he is a public hugger, a.k.a., the Hugger Busker. Neufeld, an actor out of work, decided to turn lemons into lemonade. After street performing was not getting the response he had hoped, his sister had suggested that he write on a sign that he has lost his courage. So he did just that. He sat on his suitcase in total stillness, like a living statue, next to a sign that proclaimed he had lost his courage.

What Martin experienced after that was like an epiphany. To his surprise, people resonated with his display of poignant motionlessness. It was a beginning to a soulful journey of observing and experiencing human kindness through the loving gesture of a hug. His quest to be an entertainer was magically transformed into an inspirator, affecting people’s lives around the world in a profound way. In his book,
Hugger Life: A Practical Guide to Artful Hugging, Martin Neufeld offers a simple, yet easy approach to finding happiness through simply giving and receiving of hugs.

It was certainly no coincidence for Jim Ryan, a.k.a. The Happiness Man, to cross paths with the Hugger Busker. The universe aligned two ordinary men, who share a mirrored destiny--to be teachers of the heart. They both unexpectedly found simple solutions to help awaken human consciousness. And from two separate parts of the world they came together briefly to reinforce the power of their kindred spirits.

I smiled and knew we were in the right place at the right time when I asked the lovely Canadian lady what she did and how she came to know Neufeld. With a slight French accent, she quietly replied, “I am a Reiki Master and teacher of meditation. I am a friend who believes in his mission.”

A perfect God wink! That is exactly who I am to Jim Ryan!

(Check out Squire Rushnell’s book, When God Winks: How The Power of Coincidence Guide Your Life)

The human experience seems isolated and complex. Yet, it is all an illusion. When we dispel the outside world and embrace the truth within, we begin to awaken to the subtle weave of light that connects us all.

Perhaps enlightenment can be attained through the simple act of hugging.

Buddha—means to be awake. But that’s another story.

Maggie Kalas, RM, ATP
AttitudeLift, Take Your Potential to the Next Level

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Happy birthday to me!

According to Astrodienst (one of the best and most successful astrology sites on the Internet), today the Sun returns to the position it was in when I was born. It is a day of new beginnings, and the influences I will feel today will affect my entire year. Not meaning that if something doesn't go as planned or some challenge comes my way today that my year will be a bust. Moreover, it means that how I choose to respond to everything that comes my way today will set the tone for the months to come. Like the way waking up on the wrong side of the bed might create the spiral down for the day. Choosing gratitude, forgiveness and peace can certainly lay a solid footing for taking the next step in any situation.

Today's arrival of the Sun symbolizes that I should be open to receive new impulses from the energy center within me (my Solar Plexus). This intuitive wisdom will confirm that any new venture I start at this time will ride the crest of this new energy and will very likely come to a gratifying conclusion.

Wow! What a great birthday gift from the universe, as I am ready to roll out some wonderful new projects; namely: AttitudeLift, a business dedicated to sharing tools and techniques for managing stress and achieving personal and professional success.

Today is my day; I choose success! My stresses of yesterday and yesteryear are over! Today is the first day of the rest of my life! And, I am thankful for it!

I share with you inspiration from the late, great Dr. Seuss,

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go.”

Monday, June 25, 2007

Channelling JOY

Back in spring of 2004, I became fascinated by certain letters and books I had read that were said to be channeled. Namely books by Kryon, an entity in charge of the magnetics of the planet, among other things, who is channeled by a businessman named Lee Carroll; books by Abraham, a group of non-physical teachers of the universal laws, channeled by Ester Hicks; Orin and DaBen, teachers of the light-body and higher self. Of course, many know books by Seth, who was channeled by Jane Roberts back in the late 60s into the 70s, and the great work of Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet, who channeled Archangel Michael and others.

In a nutshell, channelling or auto-writing means opening to higher realms of intelligence which is communicated through oral or written form. I decided to use Orin and DaBen's book and tape called Opening to Channel, which gave instruction on how to do it. I began with auto-writing; inspiration while under a meditative or hypnotic state.

Basically, I would sit in front of the word-processor, close my eyes and meditate a few moments with deep breath. Placing my hands on the keyboard, I would keep my eyes closed and mentally or out loud pose a question. The first time it took a while for my fingers to start typing. Later, almost immediately my hands would begin to quickly type the rapid thoughts that would flow through my head. Most of the time, I would not stop writing for five, ten, even fifteen minutes. Afterwards, I would read back what I wrote. Often the words ran into each other without spaces between them. I thought that to be odd since I am a good typist and regularly use the space bar. Nevertheless, I would not add or delete any words but simply edit spelling and add space between words.

As I read what I wrote I was quite surprised. I found that the writing was not my usual style and the response was wiser than I felt I would have thought to write. At one point, the writings began to be signed, Divine, with an initial postscript saying it is not who I am but what I am. I thought, "Was I actually channelling non-physical intelligence?" Something definitely greater than my usual self had come through. After about a half a dozen or so writings, I decided that it must be my higher self. It was me, except without my mind getting in the way to bog down my clear thoughts. After six months of interesting information and questions answered, I suddenly stopped doing it. The last thing I wrote strongly affected me. It seemed like there was nothing more I could really ask. It answered it all. The rest was up to me.

The last request I asked was, "Tell me about Joy." After I read the response, about a thousand times, I realized it was something very important.

Now, everyday I endeavor to embrace my Joy, who I really am. However, in doing so, I am blatantly reminded that my greatest discovery is also my greatest challenge. Such is the mystery of life!

Following is my channel about Joy written in a poetic format. The words basically remain as I received them. May they resonate with your higher truth and provoke you to seek out the power of your Joy!

The Anatomy of Joy

Joy is the essence of all things.
It is the I Am—all that is.
It is all that is good, all that is desired.
It is universal and it is the universe
It is the creator, the whole, the truth, the reason for all things.
It is pure love, the highest vibration.
It creates with power.
It is the engine of creation—of balance.
It is harmony. It is peace. It is happiness. It is love. It is wisdom.
It is the key to all of life.
In its simplicity, it is immense.
What seems so small or so far away is here and now and is great
You search there, yet it is here.
Joy is a gift, a gem,
A precious offering to you for you to see the truth in all things.
You overlook the joy and then you say you don’t find it.
You seek in places that you expect to see it, yet it is not there.
It appears as an illusion, a reflection of its true self.
Search in the right place—in your heart, in your own mind,
in your own being, in your own existence, in your own light.
You are the Joy.
(c) Copyright by Maggie Kalas 2004