Monday, January 27, 2014

Souls Frozen Soles

Souls Frozen Soles ~ Maggie Kalas © ~
A beautifully sunny clear day Sunday morning here on Long Island. Oh yeah, it was extremely chilly; only 20 +/- degrees.

Sunken Meadow Beach, usually filled with walkers, was seemingly empty. And then Spirit pointed out the symbolic frozen footprints left on the boardwalk by the many souls who have walked its path. They were showing me that even though we cannot see it with our eyes, the beach is never empty. It is always filled with the energy of all the souls who have left their energetic footprint.

When positive energy is left, it feels good. And conversely, when negative energy is left, it doesn't feel so good. Their message was to be aware of the energy of our being… what are you leaving with every person, place or thing?

When we choose to leave a positive footprint… in love, in joy, in kindness… we inspire others to do the same.

In those times when we have left a negative footprint... in upset, in anger, in ignorance... we have an opportunity to transmute the energy by shifting our state of being... in love, in forgiveness, in compassion... thereby recreating our soul's intended positive footprint.