Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When the show is over, only love remains

Today, one of my favorite Tweeps in light posted the following poignant statement:

"We live in interactive, psychological labyrinths, staged on form and process. Set it all aside, only love remains." ~Joseph Pagen

It got me to thinking...

Life is like a Broadway show. What character do we play today? Villon or hero? Friend or foe? Victim or healer? Husband, wife, worker, parent, child, teacher, student? The casting call is endless.

We get up every morning and immediately the director in our head--our subconscious mind--yells,  "Action!" Without another thought, we obediently get into character.

Like in the movie, Ground Hog Day, our lives become a repeated drama.

Consumed as stars of our own show, we release all moment by moment decisions to the producer--the ego--and simply perform as the writers--society--has written in the script. Sure there are some standing ovations and elated encores, but often performances bomb and there are poor reviews. 

Nevertheless, the show must go on!

Actually, if you look real close, many are only stand-ins. Sure, it looks like them, it sounds like them, but if you look into their eyes you can see they are not there. Clueless to the perpetual retake, they blankly move through each scene of their life as if it were a new show.

People are either performing, crashing in between curtain calls or rehearsing the same scene over and over again. Co-actors may change, the scenery may change, but the lead actor remains the same.

"Hello, can't you see it's an illusion."

Yes, different performance, but essentially, it is the same production.

What I like about the message in the Ground Hog Day movie was that Bill Murry, the lead actor, recognized that he was reliving the same day over and over again. With that awareness, he made the best of each day by exploring new territories; new parts of himself. While everything else seemed to remain the same, he began to change who he was. His asserted effort changed his reality. In the end, the real next day came, but this time, he was a new man, ready to embrace every day with a whole new outlook.

To be a successful actor, one must give it all from the heart. There must be love of every moment.

To be a successful human, one must give it all from the heart. There must be love of every moment. 

When the show is over... only love remains.

Considering life from a window of light,


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