Monday, June 22, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Can you feel it? There is a push or perhaps a pull. An energy that is tugging at your soul. Sitting on the fence is no longer an option. Ascend or descend! Change is at hand. The secret is being revealed to us like Dorothy’s 'aha moment' in the Wizard of Oz--“There’s no place like home.”

Home? Where?

Home is a state of Being that brings Peace, Fulfillment and Joy. The amazing power to get there is not behind the curtain, or in other people’s perception of truth, or the doom and gloom of the outer world’s illusion. It’s lying dormant within us, waiting to be awoken. Those, of course, who resist the resounding internal wake-up call will simply roll over and miss the illuminating fireworks. Lost in a dream-like reality of witches, flying monkeys and fear, they will not find their way home to peace--at least not in this lifetime.

What I have discovered, on my yellow brick road to self-realization, is that the only one I can truly count on to get me home is Me. I am blessed with many who may point me in the right direction, but in the end, it is up to Me to get me there. In the beginning, the journey seemed far and ominous. Now, it’s mostly a pleasant ride, like taking a Sunday drive with no specific place to go. There are a multitude of terrains and conditions: hills, valleys, rain storms, sleet and ice, sharp turns, gentle breezes, sunny skies and bumps, many bumps. However, all of it feels good...because I know I am on my way.

Here I am. Another fork in the road with decisions to make. This time the choice doesn’t feel so difficult. In fact, it seems more like a spontaneous shift in the right direction. Like following the wind on a sailboat, I am swiftly making a turn downstream. The wake behind me and the horizon ahead. The voice inside saying, “Tacking,” and I follow obediently. Usually I resist this voice or drown it out with distraction and drama. Now I am listening to its gentle whisper calling me Home.

What is this inner voice? God? Source? The Universe? Life Force?

“All of that,” I could hear Abraham(-Hicks) answer emphatically. It is the Primal Spirit, the Power within, your Higher Self, your Soul. In all spiritual teachings throughout history there is an Ethereal Force that creates life. The Creator is not separate from us; we are One with it. The physical world is a Co-creative process. In ancient Sanskrit, this corporeal energy is referred to as Kundalini. A subtle power source sitting at the bottom of our spine awaiting activation of its restorative purpose. What I have learned is: no one can ignite its healing fire but me.

The embodiment of Kundalini-Life Force was evident within every word written by JJ Semple in his book Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time. I was drawn in by this power to read it, and soon discovered the power was reading me. You cannot turn away from truth once you have awareness of it. Even if you try to dodge it or slip back into old, complacent ways, it’s still there. The call of your destiny will only haunt you if you don’t comply.

This was my realization about the Kundalini-Life Force; it is who I am so I cannot deny it. The Light within has been giving me cues all my life. Mostly I ignored it, for the past decade I have paid it heed, seeking personal development. For me, Semple’s story reflected an imbalance in me wanting to return to balance--NOW, not later! And so, I believe a new script to my life is about to be played out and the scene involves engaging in the Golden Flower Meditation.

In consulting the I-Ching, an ancient Chinese oracle known also as Book of Changes, I discover--as Semple had--its precise wisdom and guidance. With a toss of the coins, my journey begins with six in the first line, indicating a movement in the foundation of my life is apparent. The subsequent tossing of the coins builds five fixed solid lines, creating a Hexagram* that sheds light as to where I am heading--straight to Heaven!

While that sounds well and good, the changing break in the bottom line blatantly implies that this will not be a direct path and discipline and focus will be required. I must face whatever needs to be altered in me with unwavering faith for a positive outcome. The shadows of the ego will resist, but with deliberate fortitude, and management of the awakened Kundalini within me, I can surely rise above the wind to return home--to joyfully be Me.

Today the air is still outside mirroring my directive to be still inside. I am the eternally grateful student and the Golden Flower Meditation acts as an intermediary teacher, preparing me for the arrival of my ultimate Master and my ultimate transformation.

I can hear the voice saying, “There’s no place like Home.”

In gratitude and joy,



P.S. The decision for me to explore the transformational aspects of Golden Flower Meditation by no means implies that it is the only way for healing, enlightenment or a life of joy. There are many paths that lead us to our intended purpose. My philosophy has always been to live life in moderation. Being in alignment with who you are is key. We all need to find our unique yin/yang in life. May you find your way home in peace and joy.

*I-Ching - Book of Changes
Request: Guidance regarding pursuing the Golden Flower Meditation

Hexagram 44 -- Kou - Coming to Meet
------- above Ch'ien-The Creative, Heaven

------- below Sun-The Gentle, Wind
The Judgement: Coming to Meet. The maiden is powerful.One should not marry such a maiden.
The Image: Under heaven, wind -- The image of Coming to Meet. Thus does the prince act when disseminating his commands And proclaiming them to the four quarters of heaven.
Changing Lines: Changing yin at the bottom means--It must be checked with a brake of bronze. Perseverance brings good fortune. If one lets it take its course, one experiences misfortune.Even a lean pig has it in him to rage around.

The change at the bottom produces the outcome:

1. Ch'ien - The Creative
------ above Ch'ien The Creative, Heaven
------ below Ch'ien The Creative, Heaven
The Judgement: The Creative works sublime success,Furthering through perseverance.
The Image: The movement of heaven is full of power. Thus the superior man makes himself strong and untiring.

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  1. Mags,

    I haven't seen seen your Blog, didn't know about it before receiving your latest tweet. What a breath of fresh air; you really bare your soul. Keep it up and you'll be writing your own book before long.

    Thanks for the Amazon review. These days, Amazon is the new NY Times for authors. Whenever my books resonate as deeply with a reader as it did with you, you can't imagine how it makes me feel: as an author, as a seeker, as a practitioner. It's good to know there are committed seekers out there.