Saturday, June 27, 2009

Making Our First Movie - Take 1

Yesterday, my good friend Roxanne and I sat together once again to explore a couple of the new applications we are learning in our self-study Internet business course. After setting up our Stumble account, we decided to check out the video capabilities of our new Mac Pros.

So we clicked on iMovie and let it rip! I share here our first clip with some bells and whistles I added later as I walked myself through some editing features. Needless to say, we had fun, and that's what working is supposed to be--a joy-filled experience!

Maggie Kalas and Roxanne Browning --
Making our first movie - TAKE 1

iMovie...Hmmmm, how does this thing work?

Hope we made you laugh or at least spread a smile!

I have been cracking myself up every time I watch it because I love to see us in our natural inquisitive state of learning. The work we will be doing, though different--me with my meditation and Rox with her healthy raw chocolate--will in some ways be serious business. On the other hand, we always have to remember not to take ourselves too seriously.

Joy is in the lighthearted way we go through the journey of life!

With love and humor,


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