Monday, March 30, 2009

Bringing a bit of "Joy" to cancer patients

If today you are feeling good, healthy, have a job, a family... well, today you are having a pretty good day. For you, joy may be easy to find.

For some, who suffer from health issues, job loss or loneliness, joy can easily elude them. Sometimes, it takes another person or a community to show them the way back to feeling good.

My dear friend, Roe--who has been in my life since second grade--and I both lost our parents and a sibling to premature death due to various debilitating illnesses. Regardless of the cause, watching someone be drained of the joy of life is life-changing, to say the least. I do believe there is always something good happening in every situation, even the challenging ones. For us, with our loss came a rewarding gain. We both have become compassionate, loving, giving woman who have a heart for others and for following our life's passion.

Years ago when my sister, Val, was critical with brain cancer, I thought I could help her financially by putting together a little fundraiser. What started small turned into a terrific Ladies Night Out event raising over $10,000. What I learned was how the power of one and the love and generosity of many in a community can not only raise money for a worthy cause, but can truly bring joy and lift the spirit of someone who is going through a difficult time.

Recently, Roe, who lives in North Carolina, came across a new charity called "Help from Hopp" which was created by Bruce Miller after his wife, Sue, lost her life to breast cancer. Sue, aka Hopp, a pet name he gave her meaning Hoptoad, was the inspiration for him to start this non-profit organization.

When Sue was in treatment, the one thing that made her feel really good was to get a manicure. Now he offers cancer patients $50 toward whatever pleasurable "little thing" they want that feels good. Sometimes it's a manicure, a haircut, a foot massage, a nice dinner or even getting a special gift for someone else; regardless there is no strings attached. "Help from Hopp" is simply about bringing a bit of "joy" to cancer patients.

If the "joy" is in the little things, is sure seems to bring big things! As a way to support "Help from Hopp's" joy-giving efforts, on May 17th, Roe will be hosting a big "Family, Food & FUN-raiser" event at her restaurant, Georgina's Pizzeria & Restaurant in Cary. She already has delicious foods, music, raffles, magic and lots of surprises in store. If you know Roe like I know Roe, this will be one heck of a great shindig!

For those who are close to Cary, North Carolina, do come on by! Regardless of where you live, you could still get involved by becoming a sponsor or making a donation. Click here for more information about "Help from Hopp" and this special fundraiser event.

In joy,

Maggie Kalas

Thursday, March 26, 2009

May the Vortex be Within You!

I just returned from a 4-day road trip from Phoenix to Prescott to Dewey to Grand Canyon to Sedona and back with two travelling buddies, Rox and Toni. It was a reunion of sorts since Toni moved to Dewy back in December. We had decided in advance that it would be a life-changing experience, and it was.

Toni said it perfectly in her Blog at: Dove And Snake

For me, there was a synchronistic moment when our "Cowboy" tour guide, Ken, and I started talking about the vortexes of Sedona. [Vortex sites are believed to be locations having energy flow that exists on multiple dimensions. It is a perfect place for prayer, healing and meditation]. He had mentioned that some local Indian friends of his told him that the vortexes had moved [from the sites that all the tourists are seeking out].

It is believed that the energy or magnetics of the planet shifted several years ago, which would have affected various vortex sites around the world. It is also said that the "new energy" allows for all of humanity to experience these more than subtle spiritual vibrations. Though vortexes allow for a more fine-tuned perception of what Ken described as a "woo-woo" sensation, he and I agreed that no matter where you were in Sedona, you could definitely tap into a "good vibe"!

I do believe Sedona is a sacred place. If you ever see it in person, you will have a hard time disagreeing with me. One only has to look out in any direction, and if you close your eyes, you can feel the ever-present stillness within. And it feels good!

You don't have to be in Sedona to get to that place of peace -- just stop and be still.

In magical light,