Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Be The JOY!

This is Sugar Mama. Just turned 10 years old in human years. The little give away is her now very grey snout. She is supposedly a black Labrador mix. Yes, she does appear black, but I can attest that she has brown hair mixed in with those black and greys. No matter. It is not what's on the outside that makes her so special. Not her size. Not her breed. It is her spirit that I want to talk about.

Look into those deep brown eyes. That's right, take a minute to just look deeply into the window of her soul. She is totally seeing you! And I know you are seeing her! Some incredibly wise Buddha resides inside her. She is nothing but 72lbs of pure love.

Even after all these years, this old lady moves like a joyful pup. "She's just a baby puppa," I tell her all the time.  Regardless of the many challenges that came to her or all around her in the last 10 years, she always has unconditional love.

Now I will admit that every once in a while she goes totally unconscious (just like most us humans!) and completely slips into her doggie ego, especially if you dare to try to take her food bowl while she was eating. Nevertheless, from the core, Sugar is all heart. Like many canine (and feline), she is a teacher of spiritual truth. 

Yes, we must give them love, feed them, nurture them, play with them and look out for their well-being. In return, you get to learn about True Love by experiencing it in action. So today, consider Sugar Mama's philosophy in life... BE the JOY!