Friday, September 25, 2009

Meditation on Jack Kornfield's, The Wise Heart

Why do we fear letting go of pain, our grievances, our stolen innocence? Being vulnerable is not a weakness; it takes courage and faith to open our hearts. As we release what has crushed our spirit, we breathe life into it once again. This meditation on Jack Kornfield's The Wise Heart gives hope to humanities healing heart. May we be the catalyst to the peace that is our only truth.

In loving light,

Albert Camus said, "We all carry within us our places of exile; our crimes, our ravages. Our task is not to unleash them on the world; it is to transform them in ourselves and others."

Open your mind and heart
Ask why you are stuck in this place
Be brave, name the fear
Name the resistance.
Understand what it is, then
Step back, allow it the space it needs.

Little by little, feel it soften and dissolve.
Be courageous, greet your emotions
Each by name. Again
Step back, allow each the space
It requires to do what it will;
To expand, to intensify, or dissolve
To rise and fall again, and again.


Tears flow, honor them.
Pain comes in  waves,
Fear and resistance reappear
Swirling one into another, be brave.
Listen to your stories of sorrow and shame.
Hold them gently.
Hold your fragile self gently.

Be open to the waves, the tears.
Acknowledge your confusion and the grief.
Be fearless, do not lose your way.
Let go, accept your life,
Understand it is what it is.
Respect the history that is you.
Make peace with your life.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Seeing Yourself in Their Light - New York Times

Meditation, yoga, spiritual awareness, transformation, are all the rage! Well, society may see it as a trend anyway. But evolution is no trend. It is natural unfolding of consciousness. The Flowering of Consciousness, as Eckhart Tolle would say. Whatever society calls it is of little meaning. It is what it is.

The following article published by the New York Times--"Seeing Yourself In Their Light"--gives you a moment to see the possibilities. The shift comes when you recognize that everything you ever need is already within you.

It's a two page article so be ready to grab a cup of tea before you get started...

Seeing Yourself in Their Light
New York Times
Last Tuesday at noon, Ms. Bernstein, 29, was perched on a meditation blanket in a yoga studio on West 13th Street, easing into 45 minutes of silent ...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When the show is over, only love remains

Today, one of my favorite Tweeps in light posted the following poignant statement:

"We live in interactive, psychological labyrinths, staged on form and process. Set it all aside, only love remains." ~Joseph Pagen

It got me to thinking...

Life is like a Broadway show. What character do we play today? Villon or hero? Friend or foe? Victim or healer? Husband, wife, worker, parent, child, teacher, student? The casting call is endless.

We get up every morning and immediately the director in our head--our subconscious mind--yells,  "Action!" Without another thought, we obediently get into character.

Like in the movie, Ground Hog Day, our lives become a repeated drama.

Consumed as stars of our own show, we release all moment by moment decisions to the producer--the ego--and simply perform as the writers--society--has written in the script. Sure there are some standing ovations and elated encores, but often performances bomb and there are poor reviews. 

Nevertheless, the show must go on!

Actually, if you look real close, many are only stand-ins. Sure, it looks like them, it sounds like them, but if you look into their eyes you can see they are not there. Clueless to the perpetual retake, they blankly move through each scene of their life as if it were a new show.

People are either performing, crashing in between curtain calls or rehearsing the same scene over and over again. Co-actors may change, the scenery may change, but the lead actor remains the same.

"Hello, can't you see it's an illusion."

Yes, different performance, but essentially, it is the same production.

What I like about the message in the Ground Hog Day movie was that Bill Murry, the lead actor, recognized that he was reliving the same day over and over again. With that awareness, he made the best of each day by exploring new territories; new parts of himself. While everything else seemed to remain the same, he began to change who he was. His asserted effort changed his reality. In the end, the real next day came, but this time, he was a new man, ready to embrace every day with a whole new outlook.

To be a successful actor, one must give it all from the heart. There must be love of every moment.

To be a successful human, one must give it all from the heart. There must be love of every moment. 

When the show is over... only love remains.

Considering life from a window of light,


Monday, September 14, 2009

An Open Letter to President Obama

Daniel Brown's letter to the President was straight from the heart. It is my hope that not only will President Obama read it, but that it will be passed across this country as a sign of support for the healing of this nation. Whatever one’s political stance, you cannot deny the intrinsic desire to be unified.

“We must become the change we want to see in the world.”~Mohandas Gandhi

Keeping the light on your vision...


via The Meaning of Existence (and all that) by Daniel Brenton on 9/14/09

Dear Mr. President: Let me open by saying this is not a letter of attack, nor is it a letter of unconditional praise. It is, in fact, a request, a request for leadership which I believe you have within your power to do for this country, leadership that is sorely needed in these troubled times. I [...]

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Health Talk & You: Meditation and Reducing Stress - FOX 21 Online

Meditation is catching on in Minnesota... The University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality & Healing focuses its meditation programs on a technique called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, or MBSR. So simple, yet powerful.

Health Talk & You: Meditation and Reducing Stress
FOX 21 Online
One way to ditch this habit is meditation. Through self-directed practices for relaxing the body and mind, meditation has proven to reduce depression, ...

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Your Good Energy Day

Tomorrow is Good Energy Day... This came to me just in the nick of time today so I am sharing with everyone! Hold our light tomorrow. Smile, be kind, forgive someone, let go of ornery, let you heart open, allow joy to be your good vibe. Spread your Good Energy with everyone your meet. See the shift in yourself and in others... And then when the next day comes, do it all over again!

Be the light you seek!


P.S. The Good Energy Guy's photo below makes me happy! 

via Good Energy Blog by (Chuck Penningotn) on 8/16/09

This is me, “The Good Energy Guy” in Hawaii creating and soaking in some Good Energy.
The Good Energy Guy in Hawaii
The Good Energy Guy in Hawaii
I’m going to be doing something simlar on Seprember 09, 2009 (09/09/09) at 9:09 am.
How will you celebrate Good Energy Day?
At Albany State University in Albany Georgia, the epicenter of Good Energy Day, they will be celecrating with a day of  mastermind sessions, talks of the effects of energy in our lives and why creating Good Energy is so very important to being happy and fufilled.
They will also be laying to groundwork for using social media to spread the word during theses first four years of the Good Energy Movement.
Will you do your part to lite the fire of Good Energy in our world?
There’s no set way to do it. You can do in a group or by yourself. You can do it with friends, family, or complete strangers.
It can be art, music, meditation, poetry, converation, masterminding, hugging your children, it can grand, small, or somwhere in between.
The important part of  09/09/09, Good Energy Day, is that we start shifting our energy, shifting our observations to better, and better ways of life.
And if each one of us can create more Good Energy in our own lives now matter what that expression might be, the greater our world will become. The time is ripe for new ways of thinking and new courses of action, new ways of creating Good Energy in our world for ourselves and more importantlly for our children and all of those that will follow in the energy we create right now.
Let’s make it Good, let’s make it Great.
Leave a comment, please share with us how you you celebrate Good Energy Day.
Your Good Energy Day is a post from: Good Energy Blog

What is meditation?

This is a good overview of what meditation is and isn't. Meditation is one of those things you have to do to understand its true meaning. People often reject it before ever really doing it. As the article says, you can take a class or be instructed, but you miss the whole point if you don't allow yourself to do it. Meditation is a willingness to be still, despite the busy mind within and the busy world without. Just the act of doing will bring you into a state of non-doing. Try it...and then try it again and again. After a while, you can drop the trying and just be.

Keeping the light on,

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Release Your Worries - Video Post

I had the pleasure of getting to know Karl Moore via the 30 Day Challenge...he is awesome. I love his straightforward approach to personal development. Here, in 3 minutes, Karl will give you food for thought for releasing anything that no longer serves you. Enjoy!

via Karl Blog by (Karl) on 8/26/09

Have you discovered the art of releasing?

Releasing can help you let go of your worries - for good. And in this video post, I give a quick overview of the releasing process:

(Can't see the video? Visit to watch!)

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