Sunday, October 28, 2007

12 Paths to Light

The following article came to me through my subscription to Although there are many terrific articles written by many authors, this one just jumped out at me. I really like her insights about the 12 Paths of Light, as they are practical and real choices we can all make for a better us and a better planet.

12 Paths to Light

The higher energies of light in Earth's rising frequencies require us to re-calibrate the body-mind and to do it now. This means finding delicate points of balance to ground ourselves in these new energies.

These 12 paths are only a few of infinite possibilities, but they are known to work. See which of these paths you are presently walking and which suit you best. Each and all are able to restore the mind, heal the body and evolve the spirit into the higher awareness that offers itself to us now.

1. The Path of the Body.

Use all of your senses--sight, sound, feeling, taste and smell--to fully apprehend the beauty of the physical world and your own body. The sensory mechanisms in the human nervous system, when serene, are perfectly attuned to the Earth's frequencies, so her powers of healing and growth are also yours. If your soul permits the healing of your body, any illness, heartbreak, confusion or circumstance can by natural law, desire and intention be healed.

Illness and injury, according to the late psychic diagnostician Edgar Cayce, are the result of vibrational discord caused by destructive thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs. Restore your frequencies to optimal levels by spending time in nature or imagining a natural environment in your mind. Clear your thoughts, envision an outdoor setting, wait patiently, and spiritual intuition will show you how to heal yourself and resolve any question, issue or challenge.

Speed up the oscillation of your atoms into higher frequencies and you will resurrect the body into spirit, Cayce said. This is the key to all healing.
Several self-healing techniques are described below. Whether you walk outdoors or enjoy a landscape in your mind, sensory experience of nature is your conduit to Spirit and will re-calibrate your body-mind to the new energies of Light in Earth.

2. The Path of the Mind.

This is the path of the disciplined seeker able to descend into alert awareness of the still, small voice and bring its insights back into the conscious mind. While intellectual study, creative endeavor and meditative exercise like t'ai chi, qi gong, running and walking can and do stimulate creative insights, consistent and dependable access to the deeper, integrated awakened mind is best gained through the regular practice of meditation.

Meditation disciplines the busy, thinking mind, awakens the mind to self, others and God, and evolves consciousness like nothing else can. Visit The Sanctuary page of to learn how to meditate. When possible, meditate with others to build inner awareness and expand your frequencies of consciousness. Notice how your body feels after meditation. Other people will notice differences, too, as you gain clarity of mind and refine your life.

3. The Path of the Spirit.

In addition to spiritual study done alone, it's helpful to join a study group, church, mosque or temple to spend time with other seekers of light. You won't find perfection in yourself or them, but you will sense the presence of light. If you live or work with chaotic, destructive people, compare these two groups and their effect on you. The more time you spend with coherent, light-seeking people, the more light you will absorb and want to absorb.

Above all, seek the light in yourself, the Light of which you are made. Let nothing get in the way of your communion with this Light, as it is your best and highest guide. It will show you the way to all you seek and need. Purifying and perfecting self to intensify this light is why you are. When it is brilliant and strong, you will be a light to all seekers of light and able to illuminate others.

4. The Path of the Family.

Behaviors conditioned in infants and children generalize from the family to life outside of it. For example, a love-hate dynamic in one's family of origin (if not reconditioned) patterns love-hate relationships with other people and the world.

Everyone has destructive patterns of behavior, such as aggressively engaging in conflict or running away from it. When we turn our attention inward to observe our modes of behavior, the busy mind quiets itself and allows the core self's observer to see with the eyes of the soul.
We may be surprised at what we find out about self, but because we are looking through higher eyes, discovery is completely or relatively painless. We learn how to love without expectations and conditions. When we love openly and freely, we become more tolerant and accepting of ourselves and others. We are able to walk in their shoes and understand their experience of life. Peace reigns, forgiveness arises, conflicts resolve and loving kindness reverberates into the world. Everyone joins our beloved family.

5. The Path of Love.

Getting along better with others engenders the energy of self-love that transports us into spiritual light. Recognizing ourselves as pure, perfect light and love discernibly increases self-trust, self-confidence and the freedom to be who we really are.

If pain or anger has closed your heart to yourself or others, take a few moments right now to re-open your heart. Find a comfortable place to sit down, allow your eyes to gently close, and begin to follow the quiet movement of your breath in and out of your body. Take slow, steady breaths until your body relaxes and your thoughts begin to disappear.

In your mind's eye, use all of your senses to become aware of your pure, perfect heart. If it needs to be healed, ask what it needs and give this if possible. If not, promise to serve your heart later on. Next, bring white light into your heart until it opens fully. Allow light to flow throughout your body and into whatever caused it to close.

Once your inner light is strong and powerful, send it to loved ones and anywhere else that seems appropriate. Notice how radiating love and light restores your own body, mind and spirit. Create a landmark (a word, image, concept or body sensation) describing how it feels to be open-hearted. Evoke this later on to re-create your present state of mind and re-open your heart.
Check in with your heart often to see what it needs. Always give it what it needs. If you are heart-sick, so is your life and everyone around you.

6. The Path of Sound.

Before each meditation, chant OM or HU. Notice the peace and mental clarity generated by these "seed sounds" of All That Is. Your vocal chords are like musical instruments, with your body serving as the resonating cavity. When you sustain a beautiful sound, harmony reverberates through your being and restores your frequencies to optimal levels.

The power of sound was known to all ancient cultures and is now being brought to the West by Hindu and Buddhist meditation teachers. But sound need not be restricted to meditation. Whenever you experience a sense of discord, very quietly and gently chant OM or HU under your breath. Others won't hear you, and you will feel the difference.

7. The Path of Culture.

We tend to assume that because someone is a member of a particular culture (ethnic, political or religious) that he or she shares the attitudes and beliefs of others in that culture. This may be so to some extent, but deep inside each of us is unique and different, a composite of thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs arising from our personalities, life experiences, past life experiences, and the maturity of our souls. On top of all these differences, our shifting states of consciousness at times make us different from ourselves!

Paradoxically, we are all alike. We want and need love, food, shelter and success in expressing our unique gifts and talents. Understanding that we are all the same, yet being open to each person's uniqueness frees us of the dark, heavy burden of expectation, judgment and separation, which disconnects us from ourselves and the Light. When we are open to everyone, we are fully open to spiritual light.

Psychological conditioning can be stubborn and take a lifetime to release. But doing so is well worth the effort, because people who feel accepted are able to shine their light and make creative contributions to society. Peace with ourselves and others enables us to synergistically learn from everyone.
We know intellectually, instinctively and intuitively that the only way out of conflict, violence and war is mutual respect and understanding. This is also the only path to Creative Light.

8. The Path of Prayer. Mystics have always said what scientific research has proved in hundreds of studies done in the past 30 years: Prayer heals and works miracles. When we pray for the highest good of a person, culture or nation, currents of light intensify within us and flow outward to the recipient, along the way healing us as well.

Laboratory studies on seedlings have shown that undirected prayer works best. We don't need to envision a specific kind of healing taking place. We just send light and imagine the person happy, healed and whole. The Light knows what to do and does it.

9. The Path of Reconciliation.

Alcoholics Anonymous, the 1930s epiphany of Bill W., has saved millions of people's lives through its use of certain spiritual practices. One of the most important is making amends to people who have been hurt by the words or deeds of the alcoholic. Forgiving self and others and making an active, sustained attempt to reconcile relationships frees of us of the past so we can move forward with a light heart and quick, happy step.

Other people may not want to forgive what you have done, and they might not be nice about it. This doesn't matter, except that you may feel hurt for awhile. If this occurs, it won't kill you. What does kill us is the heavy weight of guilt, shame and blame. Once we ask forgiveness, we can forgive ourselves, let go and let God.

If your attempt at reconciliation is not well-received, go to meditation for healing. Once you are quiet and serene, funnel the energy of your hurt, disappointment or anger into a box and wrap it with paper and ribbon. Envision the altar of God and place your gift on the altar. Ask God to irradiate it with light. Walk away and know that it is done. You are now free of this aspect of the past. Do this as many times as needed. Chances are that once will be enough.

10. The Path of Breath.

In the midst of any kind of hurt, fatigue, illness or despair, take five and focus on your steady, even breathe. Allow your breath to relax your body and mind.

If you are in physical pain, use your breath to draw air from the Earth into the bottoms of your feet. Breathe this energy up into your spine and out the top of your head into the sky.
After a minute or two, begin to draw Light from the crown of your head down your spine, through the bottoms of your feet into the Earth. This Light will cleanse your body-mind and raise your vibrations into a more harmonious state. Do this for as long as you like. This is a wonderful way to reduce physical pain and restore the mind and spirit.

11. The Path of Peace.

Peace must be attained through understanding, said Ralph Waldo Emerson. The best way to understand is to instill peace in self and in its clear perspective observe your own thoughts, words and deeds and correct them as necessary.

Meditation tames the fight-or-flight response that surges adrenaline through the body and ravages it with stress. Gradually, we react slower and with less intensity to internal and external stress.

Once our psycho-physiology grows more peace, we are able to address past conditioning. The Buddhist art of stopping reverses destructive emotional responses. When your inner reptile strikes out, catch it in the act! Apologize to the other person or persons right away, even in the case of mutual fault.

The art of stopping connects the cognitive mammalian mind with the instinctual reptilian brain. The inner reptile hesitates for the few milliseconds it takes for the cognitive mind to intercede and defuse the defensive reaction. You will live happier and longer once these two layers of brain cells cooperate for the sake of peace.

12. The Path of Light.

Because the Light of Love diffracts into the electromagnetic wave spectrum of light, we know that everything in this universe is light. Conceiving of light as life's governing principle provides a guiding star by which to live.

Take a few moments right now to quiet your thinking mind and meditate on the following questions. Does your primary relationship bring to mind a sense of lightness or dark? Is your body filled with light? Your mind? Your spirit?

You can bring to mind any person, relationship or circumstance and ask if it is filled with darkness or light. Your intuitive in-sight reveals what needs light and what does not. Using this spiritual gift naturally awakens and evolves us into beings of Light.

Henry Miller, the beat-generation writer and artist, described our journey out of darkness into light. He said that, "Life has no other discipline to impose if we would but realize it than to accept life unquestioningly. Everything we shut our eyes to, everything we run away from, everything we deny, denigrate, or despise, serves to defeat us in the end.

"What seems nasty, painful or evil can become a source of beauty, joy and strength, if faced with an open mind. Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such."
May the Light be in you and with you always, as you shine ever brighter in this Season of Light.

Thanks, Judith, for considering life from a window of light!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Raising Consciousness?

Back in the summer of 2005, I was a committee chair for a community endeavor called "Consciousness in the Courtyard." A group of local residents organized a forum as a platform to express fresh ideas, inspiring thoughts and creative solutions. We held this monthly gathering in a tiny, yet charming courtyard nestled between the main street's stores and some office buildings on the back street. There was a water fountain, a lovely maple tree and a bunch of enthusiastic individuals all ready to bring their personal voice to the program. Sadly, it lasted for only four months.

The first gathering started with an uplifting speaker (Jim Ryan) addressing the high points of choosing happiness in daily life. Although it was greatly received by the crowd of 25 or more residents and community neighbors, the visionary of the forum, a local lawyer, preferred agendas like racism in our community, Constitutional Rights, a counter-cultural revolution, Generation X/Y icon, and raising self-actualizing children. As the next couple of months moved on, a mixed view was stirring on what "raising consciousness" meant in what was to be a non-judgmental, apolitical forum.

The final gathering was hosted by its creator, which turned out to be an interesting close. The Cherokee Indian in him came through with sage smudging along with some retro tunes on the piano as a "Beat Generation" hold over from the sixties. Our meeting then concluded with him passing paper to the crowd and asking them to put down their nationality and the number one issue they thought needed attention not only in our community but in America.

The reason I am blogging this is because while filing recently, I came across the folder with the responses. It seemed to me important data that should be share with more than just a small handful of attendees at that meeting. So, here is what was anonymously posted on each paper as the heritage and number one issue:

  • German - RELIGION (corruption was the initial response then crossed out)

  • Irish American/Spanish - FEAR

  • Greek - SEXUAL ABUSE

  • Irish/Spanish/Scottish/Cherokee/English - COMPLACENCY



  • German/English - RAMPANT MATERIALISM


  • French/Filipino - FREEDOM

I close my blog with a poem sent in by a local artist who never attended in person but still wanted to share her perspective.

By Victoria Twomey

from the center of every flower, everywhere
something greater gazes out

it looks up at night
from the top of a rain forest canopy
and sees the crackling of its own reflection in the liquid pupil of heaven

it looks down
from the great height of a homeless dandelion
bent and battered, struggling to raise itself up from a sidewalk crack
and sees a million stories beginning and ending

looking out, from death adorned
it sees the faces of all who mourn through the flames of the funeral pyre
the iris of its vision closing as each blossom is consumed

no matter . . .

your garden has a thousand eyes

always waiting for the awakening -
that exquisite moment when eyes widen in surprise to see
in the shadowed heart of a simple flower
a round and minute window
behind which lies a sizzling galaxy
crisscrossed with shooting stars

We humans certainly are a mixed bag of nuts. Isn't the diversity delicious!

Keeping the light on,