Saturday, January 17, 2009


We all have a little "procrastinator" in us-- putting off those things we just don't want to do. But what about the things we DO want to get done and yet, we still find ourselves not doing them.

If that sounds like you, perhaps it's time to get unstuck. Here are 10 things you can do to encourage positive growth:

  1. Deciding To Do 'It' And The Willingness To Take Action
  2. Purging/Cleansing/Releasing Physical, Mental & Emotional Baggage
  3. Daily Meditation And Prayer
  4. Balanced Nutrition/Supplements/Herbs
  5. Physical Exercise/Yoga/Breath work
  6. Goal Setting
  7. Personal Accountability Plan
  8. Psychological Therapy
  9. Personal Development or Success Coaching
  10. Books, Cd's, Workshops & Seminars relating to the above

Change can often be difficult. However, with the right tools, change can not only be easy, it can feel really good...and maybe even be fun!

It all starts with step number 1 -- then you can pick and choose which steps suits you next!

Keeping the light on,


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