Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Keep the CHANGE!

"If you want something to change, change something!"

If change is possible, why does it seem like one of those insurmountable obstacles? We dream our dreams. We imagine the possibilities of what could be. Yet, we stay in the same place, doing the same things, and wonder why change seems so impossible.

Is it fear? Is it complacency? Is it laziness? Or is it something more? What keeps us in a place of discomfort instead choosing something comfortable? Maybe it is because we get comfortable with the discomfort. The same old, same old feels more comfortable than the different new, different new. Change, even if it is what we want, feels strange. The numb sensation of the unknown can stop us in our tracks like a deer in headlights. We want to move; actually every part of our being is screaming MOVE! Only the body, and our life, stays in the same place, stiff and rigid.

In choosing 'no action', we suddenly realize that change is happening whether we do something about it or not. Most times, it is not the change we would have intended. Like the deer frozen in the road before being pummeled by the tractor trailer, life is moving at you fast so you need to be ready to move swiftly. It's about being flexible and being willing to 'take action'.


Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Do something different. Alter your course. Shift your mind. See a new perspective. Become transformed. Take a leap of faith!

Change something. Who knows? You might just save your life!

Keeping the light on,


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