Thursday, July 18, 2013



In this time space reality, we see other than what is. We believe what we see is many, but what is real is that we are only one. This is not something we at first understand because what we see is what we think is. However, in a moment of silence and in times when we are in a loving state, we experience the one. This is what you are to understand; there is nothing separate from you. One is the only truth.
With that said, take a moment to sit and recognize the importance of this--in all that you do and in all that you experience. When you know we are one, we make different choices. We are collective and unified, not torn apart or separate in our actions and in our hearts.
One mind. One heart. One universal truth. Making choices with this understanding will mean that you have considered the whole, and our decisions will be for the greater good of the one, the all, the whole you are, and have always been.
One idea is a million ideas. One heart is a million hearts. One love is a million loves. One is eternal, as you are.
Listen to the sound of the silence. In stillness, you will know that there is one song, a symphony of many souls into one pure frequency. Love represents this vibration but there are no words to describe what is our oneness.
One more thing, one plus one equals one.

Note: The above was written as a result of what came through me during an automatic writing exercise

Offered in love and light,
Maggie Kalas  

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