Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Question: What will it take for humanity to thrive?

Without judgment, and with an open mind and heart, you might find some food for thought in the newly released controversial movie, THRIVE. I am including the trailer version here for you to consider, but I would really recommend passing on one of Hollywood's movies this weekend and renting the full 2-hour movie of THRIVE instead.

That's what I did last weekend, and it left me with some curious insights, and a ton of questions about the reality of the world we live in. No conclusions, just questions. It stimulated thoughts and ideas outside of the box. It got me wondering about what was truth and what was just a lie we were only led to believe.

After doing some follow-up research, I found the usual naysayers blogs, comments and videos along with supportive blogs, comments and videos, which you will also find if you Google the subject. However, truth is more than just listening to what someone says or thinks. It even goes beyond what we define as "facts." That's why we need to keep asking the questions, while letting our hearts and higher-selves be our guide to truth and best choices.

THRIVE, the inspiration of Foster Gamble, president and co-founder of Clear Compass Media and movie host, certainly took an incredible amount of time, energy and resources to produce. What seemed clear to me was that Foster's primary passion for the movie, along with his wife and other guest speakers, was for viewers to focus more on their suggested solutions, rather than the implied possible causes of our demise.

For me, I saw it mostly as a wake up call to humanity. A sort of catalyst to shake people up to start asking some important questions about ourselves, our community, the earth, our government, big business, the monetary system, energy alternatives, the quality of our existence...truth. It was a heartfelt plea for us to snap out of the nightmare we call reality, to start asking key questions, to search within ourselves, to shift our perspective of the world, and to ultimately take appropriate steps toward a renewed vision of thriving on this planet.

Perhaps 2012 is the end of old times and the beginning of a new paradigm. The world certainly reflects changing times; a time when we need to step outside of the old ways of thinking and existing, and begin considering the possibilities of a new way of life. During this collective transition, we must all ask the crucial questions. And with clarity of mind and a compassionate heart, we must move forward making new choices for how we will live as a peaceful and productive world society.

Foster Gamble asks, "What on earth will it take (to thrive)?" It is that question and many more that we must keep asking. And even when we think we have found some answers...keep asking. The questions connect the dots on our journey toward a new world; they are the breadcrumbs that will lead us to only one true answer... Thriving!


  1. je cherche une personne qui puisse parler des crops circles

  2. Thriving begins with community support.
    I have a simple formula:
    Entertainment + Education + Prosperity = Peace
    I have an event system that turns $1 million USD into $20 -30 M in 2 years. The way I set it up develops the local and world economy and at the same time it generates money for 2 non-profits.
    With the addition of the Internet it is actually possible to educate the whole world and THRIVE. When I look at the geometry you show in the trailer I see cooperation and that is the key. Old industry is dying and new industry partners with many and everyone gets a piece of the pie that earns it. We still need some non-profit operations to care for those unable to work.

    1. Your vision of peace is certainly an interesting formula. Though your formula on LinkedIn is Education + Prosperity = Peace, which does not include the Entertainment you indicated above. What I most like is your passionate intent for peace consciousness. Thanks for sharing and caring.