Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Children Plus Snow Equals JOY!

Ever wonder whether your kids really appreciate all the things you do for them or the cool experiences you make happen in their world. Well, I've solved the mystery. They do. Really. You just have to catch them on film! Instant PROOF! Sure, they like to say they're bored, but the truth is, they have an endless supply of joy hidden under all those grumpy faces and huffs.

Check out my little video of two families out for a day of fun in the snow up at Windham Mountain, NY. Snowboarding was the main event...certainly inspired by the Olympics. I didn't get to play in the snow, but I did have the pleasure of watching all the joy to be had. Being the observer can sometimes be as much fun as being the participant.

Hope you enjoy the ride down under... the snowy mountain that is!


P.S. The father who inspired the snowy getaway is journalist and author, Dave Marcus, who has a cool new book out called Acceptance. Dave, a Pulitzer Prize-winning former education writer for U.S. News & World Report, spins an absorbing narrative of a year in the lives of a renowned Long Island guidance counselor, Smitty, and “his” kids.

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