Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Your Good Energy Day

Tomorrow is Good Energy Day... This came to me just in the nick of time today so I am sharing with everyone! Hold our light tomorrow. Smile, be kind, forgive someone, let go of ornery, let you heart open, allow joy to be your good vibe. Spread your Good Energy with everyone your meet. See the shift in yourself and in others... And then when the next day comes, do it all over again!

Be the light you seek!


P.S. The Good Energy Guy's photo below makes me happy! 

via Good Energy Blog by goodenergy@goodenergymovement.com (Chuck Penningotn) on 8/16/09

This is me, “The Good Energy Guy” in Hawaii creating and soaking in some Good Energy.
The Good Energy Guy in Hawaii
The Good Energy Guy in Hawaii
I’m going to be doing something simlar on Seprember 09, 2009 (09/09/09) at 9:09 am.
How will you celebrate Good Energy Day?
At Albany State University in Albany Georgia, the epicenter of Good Energy Day, they will be celecrating with a day of  mastermind sessions, talks of the effects of energy in our lives and why creating Good Energy is so very important to being happy and fufilled.
They will also be laying to groundwork for using social media to spread the word during theses first four years of the Good Energy Movement.
Will you do your part to lite the fire of Good Energy in our world?
There’s no set way to do it. You can do in a group or by yourself. You can do it with friends, family, or complete strangers.
It can be art, music, meditation, poetry, converation, masterminding, hugging your children, it can grand, small, or somwhere in between.
The important part of  09/09/09, Good Energy Day, is that we start shifting our energy, shifting our observations to better, and better ways of life.
And if each one of us can create more Good Energy in our own lives now matter what that expression might be, the greater our world will become. The time is ripe for new ways of thinking and new courses of action, new ways of creating Good Energy in our world for ourselves and more importantlly for our children and all of those that will follow in the energy we create right now.
Let’s make it Good, let’s make it Great.
Leave a comment, please share with us how you you celebrate Good Energy Day.
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